Just uncheck "Optimize document map table" in the DB properties (or do my fix below)
( see Chad's post here.

Everyone and their dog now knows about this http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=899&uid=swg21329103.

A simple but effective possible solution:
  • Upgrade to 8.0.1 Domino server
  • Enable the new compression, see here
  • Upgrade to 8.0.2 Domino server
  • Never use "-c" again

Cluster f**k avoided.

Now, IBM should really release the 8.0.2 patch via fix central and stop forcing everyone to haggle with support over this. However, these simple steps avoid the need to run away from ODS48 like it is the plague.  
Darren Duke   |   December 3 2008 01:31:39 PM   |    domino  8.0.2    |  
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1 - Rob Axelrod       12/05/2008 12:15:59 PM

I'm going to avoid ranting but I'm sick and tired of two things that support does:

1. Not publishing hot fixes to fix central the day they are made public. CCH1 for 8.0.2 was out for weeks before it showed up on the web. Granted, I opened a ticket through ESR and they sent it to me right away but the only reason I knew it existed was because someone mentioned it on their blog.

2. Not publishing SPR's. For the second time in less than a month I spend hours troubleshooting a problem only to open a ticket and be told that "oh yeah, there is an SPR on that" if it had been in the public KBase I would have solved the problem in minutes and saved them a call and saved my client $$$$. I can't imagine why Lotus wants people calling support, calls have to be fantastically costly

OK I ranted a bit.