December 11 2008 Thursday

Looking for Notes Admin CBTs

Scouring google only led to dead ends and useless sites. I have a few clients clamoring for R7 and R8 Lotus Notes Administration Computer Based Training (CBT). Anyone have any suggestions?
Darren Duke   |   December 11 2008 08:15:00 AM   |    lotus notes    |  
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1 - Stuart McIntyre    12/11/2008 9:05:05 AM

Try TLCC's courses - they have Admin courses for R7 and R8, and they are delivered via the Notes client...

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I've been really impressed with them so far - high quality and at a good price...

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2 - Keith Brooks    12/11/2008 9:31:22 AM

Try as well for some other nice things, check the free item section for 1 page cheat hseets and other such niceties.


Howard at TLCC does a nice job and is down the road from me.

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3 - Tim Lorge    12/11/2008 9:41:46 AM

Yeah, TLCC has great stuff.

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4 - Darren Duke    12/16/2008 7:18:42 AM

Thanks everyone. The comments have been forwarded to the clients in question.

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5 - Zeeshan Ansari    02/04/2010 11:29:34 AM

Dear Sir,

I would like to know that where i can get the Lotus Domino 8.5.1 or Lotus Domino 8.5 CBT's.

Please Advice.


Zeeshan Ansari