As reported by Gregory Engels 8.0.2 Cumulative Client Hotfix (CCH) has been released by IBM into IBM's Fix Central repository. This means no more hassling the tech support folks at IBM to get the fix.

Ironically as a BP we had issues actually getting hold of this too. Grip aside, go get it from IBM Fix Central. Also read the IBM Support Tech Note.

Here is the SPR list of fixes addressed:

 KUMA7FWPXR Fix Basic ST configuration appearing during Standard client setup
STAA7EUB4L Fix CD->MIME Conversion: Some Symbolic characters in subject being garbage
TAIA7EKEEX Fix a Notes Client hang when previewing a document with the scroll bar
RCFE7DJNKD Prevent the client from trying to update the design of a read-only database
LKIM7JCMB6 Fix a Client hang upon authentication
MFRL6YD599 Fix a problem where deleting in inbox attempts to delete side calendar entries
THIO76GCTW Prevent IME setting from being changed when performing quick search
RCFE79FK2F Fix client launches separate browser instances for url's in memo using external browser
JPDC7HAA6A Fix failure with to "Add to place","Open from place".
ZPEG7H45AX Fix XPD closing when open "Portal Application" by setting PAC configuration
LFOS7JJM5Y Brazilian time zone changes
MBUT7J4L99 Pakistan time zone changes
JMOE7GBUH5 Fix RSS Feeds not working when server protected via TAM
BLIE7FPPVZ Update manifest import-package to use version and matching attributes
MHAR7AAELQ fix maximized chat window aligns to the right and down after the previous window was closed
WWGO7CP494 fix Rich text tools and file transfer buttons greyed out in Sametime chat window
GFLY763S2Z fix 'Your Lotus Notes password is missing or incorrect" entering password in Sametime Calendar Service
GAKI7DXEYH fix Integrated Sametime Calendar integration: Auto-status-change not configurable via plugin_customization.ini.
CSMH7FPMR5 fix intermittent login issue with integrated Sametime
VROI7GFL3C fix string in Instant Meeting join dialog is incorrect
RDES7J5MJ9 fix starting the Notes client, the entire Sametime Shelf on the right side of the Notes client is greyed out.
n/a fix cursor keys becoming unresponsive in Sametime chat window, apparently specific to left-right arrow keys.
SSYD7JQLA5 fix client error dialog popping up when closing Sametime chat

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