Thanks to Chris for pointing out that the latest CCH for the 8.0.2 code base is available.

See what a CCH, FP and MR is here.

Go get the CCH at IBM Fix Central.

Fixes included:

This table lists SPRs fixed in 802FP1 CCH2 that impact both the Basic and Standard client
SPR Description
JMAN7K3RDN Forces the local mail file preferred server to be the current home server
DDES7KPR9M Fix a client crash when deleting workspace icon
RBOD7GVSMS Mail file owner field changed when switching locations/IDs w/synchronize contacts enabled
KKOO7D6DQ3 Fix the text that is being cut off when printing or previewing Monthly calendar
LMAN7JAHPG Should be able to archive folders, then remove them from mail file
DDES7L9SEV When users launch Lotus Notes, they receive RTVSCAN errors
THIO7KAHB5 Group names that has underscore (_) cannot be worked from Ambiguous name dialog by F9
THIO7M29G6 Additional fix when group names have undercore (_) and ambiguous dialog box
DDLI7KDCR6 Lotus Notes does not display an ambiguous name dialog box when using smart tags
MSUH7BMBS3 In the address field, hitting F9 will now move the cursor to the end of the field
MNAA7MC7TP Fix for ccSTR implementation problem causes a performance issue on Notes/Domino R8.x for non-English environment
ZBZO7K2HAP Opening a view which has access to limited documents taking longer in 8.0 than 7.0.2
MCHZ7N8U7S Attachments are saved multiple times in TMP dir when opened from Notes
LMAN6J2MF3 Calendar cleanup fails without error and damages archive profile, if arch profile is not initialized first
KKOO76KCKE Notes8 has not trimed duplicate double byte spaces of a view title name
PRAD7NSR9Z Bufffer overflow occurs within the wp6sr.dll DLL which is used to view the WordPerfect file
JSTN7JCLXY [Internal only] Allow keyview fix creation
RGAU77VHF9 Notes crashes when closing a UIDoc and open it again using workspace.editdocument and VB code

This table lists SPRs fixed in 802FP1 CCH2 that impact only the Standard client

SPR Description
SKIN7KFQG5 Fix a client crash
LMAU7KVQGC Fix crash when trying to accept a meeting invite or update
RBEO7GVLCJ Crash cancelling a meeting from the calendar sidebar
CMAS7LKPD7 Fixed general instability caused by memory corruption when reading PAB data
AGUD7DSU3Q Queryclose cannot prevent user closing document
TBOO7J7GH2 Fix error reported when opening repeating calendar entries
AEDS7P4KD5 8.02CCH3 and later hotfixes notes.jar fails to authenticate where settings missing/being misread
SRAO7P6S8M 8.02CCH3 and later hotfixes notes.jar fails to authenticate on first launch if the workspace does not exist
VMAA7ESKHX Restarting Notes or Designer too quickly fails
SIWA76L835 Mail inbox is not refreshed when new mail arriving with Notes 8 standard
MLAT7LJRWH "index:colicon1" error in Inbox
DMOE7KXQ6F Trash icon missing from Inbox view
RPAS7KPPZ8 Activities in sideshelf - Activity gets Tuned Out when tag is edited
QLIG7LYB3Q Error to connect to widget catalog server, Notes.jar recycled error
AEDS7NSMZA Notes 8.0X does not correctly accept IBM Signed plugins
PLOI7PRQ5L Client prompts for trust while installing features/plugins even if cert is already in trust store/NAB
DPAT7F4U3Q Toolbox preference listener is not getting notified of policy updates on first setup
JEIN7GLHYU Error closing mail message
LFOS7K9SVF Hotfix on an existing 8.0.2 client breaks RSS Feeds
DBRK7LXE6V Hebrew words in reverse order in 'Day-At-A-Glance' for meeting
SMAL7N8JEW IEOOP crash remaining fix
LBBJ7N5CWH Backspace and Enter key does not work in DWA in embedded browser
RCFE7LD5ZN Standard Notes 8 client's Embedded Browser does not cache url entries similar to Toolbar's Address box
SMAL7NGHK7 URL caching issue for PSP , for additional changes PCR 9613
SCHI7NNCRE Wrong password entered in prompt for proxy id and password in Feed reader
JBZU7NJ7B4 htt:// is stored as null in Vista,lead to the uncomplete display of url history
SMES7N9M4Z Exception occurs after install of Notes Hotfix. - cache clearing issue in installer
JBZU7NK9EZ The automatically started browser can't display url history
KSOA7P4643 Proxies failing when wildcard characters used
JRAN7PF3WD Embedded browser's AddressBar to ingore mouse wheel event
JRAN7NRS7V JVM crash during Notes shutdown when the user had many WebBrowser controls open
SPNK78WBJ6 Accelerator Keys: KB accelerator shortcut keys still visible to the user
MCHZ7FZHBY Scroll bar for view (ex. Inbox view, All docs) randomly stops working
AEDS7P4PQG IBM Certificate used to sign Alloy will Expire before customers are able to deploy via Catalog
XLZG7KTSML Error an internal error occurred during buddyListPolicyJob
CJKE7M8KWD Embedded Sametime brokerbridge feature (Office Integration channel) stops on machine hibernate
KRED7CAPZW Location popup not appearing over VPN
BMAK7LDHEF HTML Business Card does not support authentication
AZTV7NZNFR Disable hostname field in login dialog in Notes 8.0.2 embedded Sametime client
JEIN7MZL5D Some people who are on-line don't show up with on-line indicators in my inbox and forms
KTOT7DRJDC Inbox Awareness is lost for random documents
DJOE7NZLAC IE does not launches with minimal IE Toolbar for LN 802
JPUT7HHPZ6 Unlock the binding between Auto-login and Save password (allow for SSO and Auto-login)
GAKI7DWCUN Enh. req.: relating to folder used to save ST UIM settings for users
JPAS7PJPSY Contact name changes to common name in chat
HDAN7PEURT Resolving external internet names cause load on server
TMHG7P22TT Sametime 8.x client launch output many FFDC files when office integration features are enabled
PPRT7FPMB6 Click-to-call causes vertical tabbed chat screen to resize
JPAS7PVTT3 Enhancement Req: add INI settings for Chat
JOGA7NNRQA IE8 breaks word wrap in embedded Sametime IM client
BOSH7PERQZ Duplicate messages being received by UIM client
NRID7NPNRU Telephony Log In Job error
PPRT7REDWD Notes 8.5 Embedded Sametime : Business Card disappears immediately once the mouse is removed

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