February 5 2009 Thursday

Fix Pack vs CCH vs MR

My previous posts about fix packs (here, here and here) and Cumulative Client Hotfixes (CCH) (here) cause a few dedicated blog readers and STS customers to ask what the differences were and which were best for them.

Well there is a nice IBM Technote that describes the differences. Let me see if I can distill this some.....

An MR will essentially upgrade the last digit of the software (8.0.2 is basically 8.0, MR 2). So, MR's contain lots of fixes and maybe functional enhancements too. A fix pack will address any bugs in a MR (or base, x.0 release) and a CCH is a rolling install of hotfixes for a given MR or FP. Confused yet?

Simply put, you want the highest MR you can get, together with the highest FP for that specific MR, together with the highest CCH for that MR + FP combination. Now there are exceptions. There maybe fixes in a CCH that are not yet in the MR and vice versa but as a general rule a CCH will have more recent fixes in it. If that is then case you have to choose whichever release (FP or CCH) addresses your current pain point. Good news though, as pointed out on the above link, once a FP is available a CCH will be made available shortly afterwards to address the "missing fixes" issue:

*Note: We plan on releasing an 8.0.2 Fix Pack 1 CCH1 within two weeks of 8.0.2 Fix Pack 1 so customers that need the latest fixes before they have gone through the lengthier Fix Pack test cycle can take advantage of them.

Another item of note is that the Technote also points out that there will be no CCH4. In effect it looks like once a FP is released all future CCH fixes will be built on top of the most recent FP release and the CCH number gets reset (as above, 8.0.2 FP1 CCH1) Get those Smart Upgrade help docs out.
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1 - Mary Beth Raven       02/05/2009 2:19:47 PM

I just received a package with some STS mugs, biscotti and coffee from STS! Thank you all. It will make working on this latest fix pack eaiser (oh, wait, maybe I'm working on an MR... what? Oh, they tell me it's a CCH..... :) )

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2 - Rob Axelrod       02/05/2009 2:47:33 PM

Are you saying that 8.0.2 FP1 does not contain the fixes that are present in 8.0.2 CCH2 and if that is the case then taking a machine from 8.0.2 CCH2 to 8.0.2FP1 would mean that you lose some fixes?


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3 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    02/05/2009 2:59:58 PM

Take a look at the FP1 docs, there is a section in there that lists the differences, (aka "missing fixes").

Check out the { http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/r5fixlist.nsf/8d1c0550e6242b69852570c900549a74/5f5a994d424027a58525754c0013af2b?OpenDocument" } and look for the sections called "SPRs in CCH3, but not in 8.0.2 FP1" and "SPRs in 8.0.2 FP1, but not in CCH3".

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4 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    02/05/2009 3:05:56 PM

CCH3 does not contain them all, CCH2 "should" contain all the FP1 fixes.

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5 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    02/05/2009 3:48:23 PM

We had planned to give them to you at LS09, but forgot to pack them. You've done such a good job "while around the coffee machine" { link } we figured we'd do our piece to keep the design process rolling ;)