There is a replacement Fix Pack 1, that fixes Lotus Notes upgrade issues with Notes Single Logon. The IF1 update rectifies the issue below:

SPR# YGAO7UPHML - Under some circumstances Notes Single Logon may delay windows logon because of a delay while interacting with Windows perfomance data on the local machine. With this fix, Notes Single Logon will no longer look for performance data so it will not slow down Windows logon. (Technote #1405603)

This is all outlined in Technote 1460346 which also includes the new download (not on FC yet). There are some other workarounds also listed in the Technotel.
Darren Duke   |   January 23 2011 09:45:08 AM   |    lotus notes  8.5.2    |  
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1 - Sean Cull    01/23/2011 5:26:07 PM

Darren, I couldn't get IF1 to install on 64 bit so had tp rename the file npnotes.dll

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2 - Matt Corless    05/27/2011 8:45:27 AM


I know I'm a bit early but do you know if IBM is planning on doing LotusSphere in January 2012? Are they going to call it something different? Just wondering as my new company is interested in attending and we can't find anything about it online for registration or getting a booth.

Hope all is well... talk to you soon.