January 22 2011 Saturday

Quickr Domino 8.5 Fix Pack 2 available

For QuickrD 8.5.0....not 8.5.1.

Available from IBM Fix Central. Fixes include
Cannot lock a place through Place Administration when Web Site documents have been created within Domino configuration.
Unable to add members to place when the place name contains  and ampersand (&).
Under certain circumstances, an HTTP Error 500 is given when downloading a file.  The specific error is “Unable To Process Request During File Download Http Jvm: java.Lang.Illegalargumentexception: Cookie Name "Rid" “
The qpconfig_sample.xml description for the section was incorrectly switched between the true and false options.  Please see qpconfig._sample.xml for the updated description.
Removing a place from the Usage Statistics using the context menu results in error “You are not authorized to perform this operation”.
Error “File type not supported” is displayed when previewing uploaded .pdf file.
(see fix  SHEZ8AEE24 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
Imported Word document with a long filename generates an error when previewing.

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