In a sane and useful manner. Thank you Lotus!

Admittedly I have not done this in a while, but a customer had some contacts to my surprise (at least in Lotus Notes 8.5) this is now easy. There is even a mapping tool too! And it allows import from a CSV file.

Image:Lotus Notes can now import contacts from a CSV file....OMG

Was this is any other 8.0.x release?
Darren Duke   |   September 29 2008 09:10:42 PM   |    lotus notes    |  
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1 - Craig Wiseman    http://www.Wiseman.La/cpw    09/30/2008 7:12:38 AM


I don't see it in 8.0.2 Standard.

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2 - Darren Duke    09/30/2008 9:36:14 AM

Thanks Craig. That is way easier than reinstalling 8.0.2 to see. To say I'm really impressed with Lotus is an understatement. It is these kind of UI issues (that this addresses) that can cause issues when moving fro Outlook. Glad to see 8.5 isn't "only" a server side upgrade.