I have alluded to this several times on This Week In Lotus but were hoping to be able to a BoF with as many podcasters and screencasters as we can fit in a Mini Cooper room. This is actually in your hands. If you'd like to ask the questions, get the scoop on how these are done or just tell me I'm an idiot a genius then you need to vote for this BoF.

Pretty much everyone who 'casts has agreed to partake providing their schedules allow, so vote it up and come on along......it's rock throwing time!

The BoF email went out late yesterday so head on over to "Track Five"  and pick me, Stuart and anyone else silly enough to give vast swaths of their personal time to (hopefully) keeping you entertained......

Thanks in advance! See you at LS11!
Image:Meet the ’casters - live, interactive and recorded BoF session at #LS11 - VOTE NOW!
Darren Duke   |   December 17 2010 12:40:39 PM   |    ls11  twil    |  
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