That's right, it's only eight weeks away. And it's in Atlanta, so it'll be very, very easy to get to. Not only do you get over 50 sessions for $50 (yeah, $50....not. a. typo) but you will get to see, in person, two of the best presenters IBM have (not to mention an OGS guest speaker who I can't name right now, but who knock your socks off).

Richard has already mentioned he OGS IBM speakers, we've all seen Kramer (not to disrespect Kramer though), but the one of the two speakers I'm excited to see is Mr Phil Gilbert. He's the head of IBM Design (I know, IBM have design now....who'd have thought that a few years ago, right?). While I've never seen him present yet, everyone I know who has raves about it for days afterwards.

The other is Louis Richardson, and if his session is on the same time as mine, I may have to cancel my session and go to his. Seriously. I have a massive presenters crush on Louis (don't judge, I'm hoping SCOTUS will legalize this soon too), and while I do not know what his session is, I would literally go and watch Louis present on the advantages of IBM's certification program or on rules of cricket.....for those now wondering, start here (sorry I couldn't find reasonable links in the advantages of being certified).

In other possible, my happen, Magic 8 balls says "not in all likelihood", there may or may not be a This Week In Lotus recorded during the event. A whole lot of stars have to align for this to happen and I'm not sure I need the kind of anger and attack IBM like to level at people who differ in opinion to them. Still, it's not like that has ever stopped me in the past right? ;)

Finally, and I know I've said this before, but I'm still kicking about doing a "World According to Darren - part 2". I've got a few ideas and if I can string together enough irritating things it may make the light of day possibly on Friday of the MWLUG session week.

And finally,, really finally this time, this is your opportunity to come thank and buy a drink for none other than THE Susan Bulloch (she's actually presenting, so if you get a change go see her). There is a good chance that if you've ever had a C&S related PMR in the last *cough* number of years, then Susan most likely had a hand in getting it fixed.

So after all of that, what are you waiting for? Go register (places are going fast) over at the MWLUG site for the event that takes place on August 19th to the 21st at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta.
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1 - Mat Newman    06/30/2015 5:21:40 AM

Susan is presenting ... where do I sign up?