I have two of particular note that generate literally tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars for their perspective owners.
  • Both were first rolled out in 2000
  • Both are the corner pin of each companies revenue
  • Both have been running ever since
  • Both will still be running in 5-10 years from now on Domino

Try doing that on any platform other than Domino......ouch and lots of development dollars!

While I'm sure I have some older (I started this stuff in 1996) these are the two that stick out.

What is you oldest Domino app (not a Discussion DB, etc) that is still in use?

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1 - Wayne MacKirdy    http://www.icityusa.net    04/27/2009 11:18:48 AM

Still running an old app I built in 1997 to maintain all development requirements by project, and associated time cards for billing. Built in R4, still running in R85! Love it!

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2 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    04/27/2009 11:41:36 AM

that has ran fine on every Domino release through (and including) 8.5 with DAOS. Mind you, it still looks like an R3 app as they have never done any re-design on it. It's been proprosed a few times but never gotten beyond that.

It truely is amazing that Domino can do this, release over release.

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3 - Karl-Henry Martinsson    http://www.bleedyellow.com/blogs/TexasSwede    04/27/2009 12:01:19 PM

I wrote a Notes application in late 1997, using Notes 4.6. It was an editorial system for a IT magazine (Swedish edition of Computerworld). It was a complete workflow system, where the journalists wrote the stories, they went to editing, were converted into Quark Express format, as well as into HTML for the web.

The application have been modified a little, but not very much, over the years. At least two or three times it was supposed to be replaced by commercial solutions, but it is still running today, in Notes 8...

Oh, and it took all of 3 weeks to build the application back then.. :-)

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4 - Eric Mack    http://www.NotesOnProductivity.com    04/27/2009 1:06:33 PM

Still running. Not as pretty as today's apps by certainly productive.

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5 - Eric Mack    http://www.NotesOnProductivity.com    04/27/2009 1:08:47 PM

Way back, when IBM has the vision to include the designer client with Notes, some customers were able to innovate themselves. Yes, that's right, IBM was ahead of its time by allowing customers to innovate with its products.

Anyway, David Allen (My friend and client) called me one day proud of himself that he had creatd his first Notes application -- all by himself.

Still in use today.

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6 - Mick Moignard    http://www.mickmoignard.com    04/27/2009 1:57:21 PM

We still have some oldies. Several from 1993, and one from 1992 - the first one we built, in fact - with Notes 2.1. Before we even had a network - one server and 5 clients, and dialup for replication.

Not pretty, for sure, and some work has been done on them since, but they're still there and still delivering ROI.

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7 - Graham Dodge       04/27/2009 4:03:34 PM

Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 1990s I built a CRM in Notes 1 for my then employer. I recently renewed acquaintance with a colleague from those days who admitted he had taken a copy of that code and had used it to run his own business. He retired the application this year when he switched to MS CRM.

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8 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    04/27/2009 5:02:41 PM

Hopefully this will lift some FUD around "upgrade" (Domino) and "upgrade" (Microsoft).

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9 - Ian Randall    http://www.integrum.com.au    04/27/2009 7:44:09 PM

We sell & support a Risk & Compliance Management System that was first developed in 1996. It received a major update in 2000 to web enable the whole system and to add multilingual support and we are continually enhancing and supporting the same product today.

We currently have clients running it on R5, R6.5, R7 and R8 and support a single code version. We also have some clients with a handfull of users and others with thousands of active users. Some of our clients run it in-house and we have others who outsource it to hosting services.

To be honest some of our web views and forms could do with an update, but they all run just fine.

We also do extensive testing with our system on new beta versions of Notes/Domino, but over the years there has only been a handfull of migration issues that have all been fixed by the time the gold code was released.

Try doing that on another platform!!!