Thanks to Stuart McIntyre for pointing this out.

Get it at IBM Fix Central. Fixes include:

04/23/2009 KABS7QHMQU Column_disambiguate setting in qpconfig.xml fails for attributes other than “dn” and “mail”
04/23/2009 MPUL7QGM8T Local users can’t authenticate with multiple places using common name instead of full DN
04/17/2009 PKAY7NZL63 Document version not automatically created in connectors when implicit versioning is enabled.
04/17/2009 KABS7QHPUF "Grant access to everyone" for anonymous users not working properly
04/17/2009 JRIE7QPN2D “qptool refresh” not updating Basic Customization changes from parent place
04/17/2009 MMOI7F2S4J Changes not saved when switching Rich Text Editor to HTML mode, making changes and then switching back to Rich Text Edit mode in Internet Explorer.
04/16/2009 KABS7K9UTG When sending an email to a place and it contains more than 1 attachment, those attachments aren’t seen via the Quickr Connectors.
04/16/2009 SHYN7LHU6D Cannot change the font of initial default pages (Welcome, Team Goals, etc) using Internet Explorer.
04/16/2009 KABS7QHPUF In the Member Management page, "Grant access to everyone" does not work properly.
04/14/2009 ESEO7QYQ8T “Find Shared Files” and “Member Lookup” drop down list should allow more than 100 results.
(see fix  THES7PNQGV in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/14/2009 CPRE7PETT3 MyPlaces portlet owner field shows nothing for full dn of a manager in place.
(see fix  CPRE7PETT3 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/14/2009 CWIR7Q9Q2Q When adding a group to the membership of a place using a full DN of that group, the Domino server could crash.
04/14/2009 ESEO7PUUTQ In non-Internet Explorer browser, uploading a file that exceeds the maximum sizes listed in the Domino Server configuration may give a “Connection Interrupted” page.
(see fix  ESEO7PUUTQ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/14/2009 CBRN7QJSQE Sametime awareness is blank for posts that were mailed into the place.
04/14/2009 GAKI7QREHZ When clicking the twisty of Task with a long name the menu never appears.
04/14/2009 DAMC7QADCU 404 error when you click Next in the PlaceType Options page when using Quickr with a reverse proxy.
04/09/2009 CSTS7Q3JG6 Images linked via Insert Image / New Image are not found if the name of the place changes
04/09/2009 XHKG7LW942 Cannot chat via Sametime integration when using Domino Native authentication.
04/09/2009 YXIO7QBBKL Daily news update email is not sent to all group members.
04/08/2009 MMOI7LAP5T
Offline password does not synchronize with online password change
Use login passwords (use_login_passwords) not functional when MSSO enabled
(see fix MMOI75D2LF MMOI7LAP5T  in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/08/2009 ESEO7QG24R With Internet Explorer, launching an attachment will sometimes give an error that there is no application associated with it even though the association is known to the operating system.
04/08/2009 KSLI7QF939 Ampersand characters in the Place Summary field breaks Quickr RSS feeds.
04/08/2009 PKAY7QFPJL Restricting individual readers in blog places prevents all readers and authors from logging in.
04/08/2009 SORA7N4HLU Stylesheet changes to custom themes are not applied.
04/07/2009 PNOT7QQR2S JavaScript errors appear in Firebug when choosing a theme with Firefox and Firebug active.
04/07/2009 DAMC7NQKY3 When fonts left at default in the Rich Text Editor, the second line of text appear smaller when viewing the published version.
04/07/2009 GMUN7Q9JP7 Apostrophes are incorrectly displayed for semicolons in Connectors Properties dialog box.
04/07/2009 KABS7Q2H77 Added bulletproofing to prevent deletion of unmarked places under certain uncommon system shutdown conditions.
04/03/2009 JRIE7QNMEU Welcome Page is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 6.
04/03/2009 THES7PNQGV “Find Shared Files” drop down list should be configurable for the amount of entries returned and be able to scroll that list
(see fix THES7PNQGV in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
04/03/2009 RTIN7QAGZB Placetypes designated as hidden should not be pre-checked in the UI as available for selection by users.
04/01/2009 MPUL7MFMQD Page footer length should be configurable to allow more than 256 characters.
04/01/2009 THES7EUKRS Place names containing apostrophes appear with "'" in the name instead of the apostrophe character
04/01/2009 SSHD7PMJXD Nightly place statistics via "qptool placecatalog -push" are not updated in clustered proxy environment
04/01/2009 XZSU7PS6ZJ MS Word file attachments cause slow page loads in Internet Explorer after places have been upgraded from QuickPlace 7 to Quickr.
04/01/2009 JHHO7HPEML Wiki place document histories show only the first and latest revisions.
04/01/2009 JSHN7QETQE Folders with apostrophes or quotation marks in their names can't be selected or displayed.
04/01/2009 DTRR7PSMY2 Canceling new room creation action causes the the Table of Contents to disappear from the following scene.
04/01/2009 GAKI7KXKQR Some accented UTF-8 characters (e.g., French) are mismapped to garbage Unicode on page import.
04/01/2009 PNOT7DHRL8 Blog & Wiki design pseudo-places appear in the Admin UI place list after unregistering / registering -a.
04/01/2009 DAMC7PVFWE Upgrading an unrefreshed child place marks it incorrectly as no longer needing refresh from its parent place.
04/01/2009 KMAS7PRQ6K Group members do not receive e-mail notification after the group is added to a place via Domino NAB directory.
04/01/2009 ESEO7PYJ7A Sorting on some of the data columns in the My Places Statistics view removes all the place data from the view.
03/25/2009 AGAI7KWP4F Server crash if moving a folder within connectors and the folder name contains a forward slash.
03/25/2009 JXBI7Q2BTT Deleting one copy of a wiki page deletes all copies.
03/25/2009 CSTS7P8TCY Viewing a bulleted list in a blog post shows that it does not indent the same way it indents in edit mode with the Rich Text Editor.
03/25/2009 YXIO7N5B5T In Wiki places, UI text, "Attachments: you can attach files..." is sometimes obscured by editable text in Rich Text Editor.
03/25/2009 ESEO7PFPE6 “&” in the place name causes a duplicate place name  to be displayed in the navigation bread crumb.
03/25/2009 ASHH7MFA6V Using the “Add Authors” functionality under “More Actions” of a document does not let you add an individual from a group as the display shows that you should be able to do this.
03/25/2009 GMUN7PUEU8 Changing the name of a room causes statistics to not update.
03/19/2009 DAMC7NGF3W The left hand navigation menu (TOC) disappears with Accessibility Mode enabled
03/19/2009 THES7P8JTV Search does not work consistently with the Quickr 8.0 with Navigation theme
03/19/2009 XZSU7NA8NR Security alert given if using the Quickplace Classic theme and create a response to a post.
03/19/2009 KMAO7JZMYR Spell checker needs an option to check English words on systems using non-Western character sets.
03/19/2009 HTTN7NY8JX Misaligned text in page after importing a MS Word 2007 document.
03/19/2009 RTIN7H3GXT Imported MS Office files get clipped on right-hand side with no way to scroll.

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