It's getting close to Lotusphere so Yancy Lent has again opened the doors to nominate the 2010 Planet Lotus Blogger of the Year. You can vote at although you will need a (free) myPL log in.  Warning : the list is long so at least have an idea of who you will be voting for.

This is a hard year to vote as we've seen a proliferation of mediums beyond just blogs. Bruce, Julian and Chris "IdoNotes" Miller have long, long running podcasts. New to the mix are Dave Leedy's Notes In 9, the newly reformed The X Cast, the Xpages blog, OpenNTF and of course Stuart and I have This Week In Lotus. Also making it hard is that some have multiple blogs (or partake in multiple blogs or mediums). From a multiple standpoint, Chris Miller has a whole host of stellar podcasts and his excellent Consultant In Your Pocket series, and Stuart....well...let's just call him Stuart "the GoDaddy" McIntyre (and the page doesn't link to the Lotusphere Blog).  And let's not forget Tom Duff for his Notes/Domino job opportunities blog (it started on Twitter and morphed over a few weeks ago) and erstwhile winners Ed Brill and Chris Toohey who both pumped put great content and should be in the running again.

Peter Presnell should also be a contender and he always posts informative pieces that look back as well as forward and from the wince, smirk or raise eye brows department we have Volker Weber, while not usually over zealous on his use of words does have a knack for making a point usually with screen shots.

Anyway, I'm just scratching the surface here and there are many, many splendid bloggers who I forgot to mention. This list is not meant to sway your vote in a any (and I already voted anyway) but is to give you food for thought for all the great people (mentioned above or not) that manage to bring world class content on a daily and weekly basis despite them having full time jobs as well. When you see them, buy them a think the price of admission is worth that ;)

If you going to LS11 then make sure to attend BALD (yes the link is 2010, but you get the idea) on Saturday afternoon  where the winner is announced by Yancy.

While on the subject of Yancy, thank you for Planet Lotus.

Happy voting!
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1 - Thomas Duff    01/15/2011 8:14:25 PM

Honored to be mentioned in that group...