That's right, for QuickrD English on Windows and AIX is available at IBM Fix Central.

Fixes for Connector (
May 27, 2010 APAR LO51937

APAR LO48242

APAR LO45459 Connector cache path does not account for Quickr Servers and places with long names.  This exacerbates limitations caused by path length limitation in Microsoft Windows and Excel

Office Connector can erroneously prompt user to check-in documents multiple  times when multiple SpreadSheets are opened at the same time in PowerPoint

Addresses a scenario where the login dialog fields may be disabled and not allow a users to enter credentials when opening Quickr Connector links in conjunction with a Save Password Policy.

Issue where certain configurations of Microsoft Excel can upload temp files to Quickr

Addressed an Installation issue where users may get error dialogs about

Fixes for FP12.....
05/25/2010 RTIN84PFSV When using Connectors to add a file to a folder with a default form, the Editor-in-chief functionality doesn’t work.
05/25/2010 MPUL84KJZX The error "The Following Files Specified For Import Are Not Supported" is displayed when importing an HTML file that contains an SWF (Adobe Flash) file.
(see fix MPUL84KJZX in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
05/25/2010 MMOI7VPLFW If using the always_update_using_master_cluster_server  qpconfig.xml setting, when "qptool report -policyexecute" runs each night, places become locked.
05/25/2010 CSTS85FSX5 When an Ordered List Folder’s default form is changed to Upload, reordering documents in that folder does not result in the order getting saved.
05/25/2010 HMON85LJF9 When creating a number of folders in the table of contents and placing them before other items and thing going into the folder options of one of those folders and choosing to “leave it where it is” does not always result in that folder being saved in the same position it was previously in.
05/25/2010 JRIE855CV4 Within Connectors, when moving a folder who’s name contains Greek characters, you may receive the error ”Sorry, You Might Not Have Access To The Content You Are Trying Reach”.
05/25/2010 CSTS85FN93 Clicking on the My Places tab when Quickr is deployed on a Unix server may result in an HTTP 404 error because the url contains a proper cased LotusQuickr when on the file system the directory it is trying to reach is lower case.
05/25/2010 CSTS85JQBE When using the Notify function from a Room, some members may not be in the list of selectable users.
05/14/2010 No SPR Under certain circumstances, the error “Entry not found in Index” may appear when upgrading places and placetypes
05/14/2010 EHET85BQSC When using Connections need the ability to see members of a place from Quickr once it has been associated with a Community
(see fix EHET85BQSC in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
05/06/2010 RTIN84QH7J When emailing to a place, certain html tags are ignored
05/06/2010 GALI83TGPK With IE6, checking out and checking in a Word Document multiple times causes IE to eventually crash.
05/06/2010 MMOI84XQBL When viewing a folder, the "Created On" field is displayed, but when going into “Folder Options" it is shown as unchecked and therefore should not be displayed.
05/06/2010 GALI84YD6J When a multi-attachment document exists in a folder in the Library and the subject of that document contains an umlaut, those files are not seen in the virtual folder within connectors.

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