Over on the Collaboration Matters blog, fellow co-host and energizer bunny Stuart McIntyre gives some back story on the history of the pod cast. Stuart basically had the same feelings I had with the This Week in Google TWiT show where the hosts tried to lay into Howard Stern for his use of Lotus Notes. We needed an outlet to put these so called "IT journalists" in their place, and hence insomniac great  minds think alike.

Later, one of the hosts (Jeff Jarvis) did a pretty good follow up post but still, my butt was moved off the couch and into action. TWiL was born after Lisa and Stuart had a few Skype conversations. Stuart already had the domain (shocker!). Recording ensued.

So last Friday, episode 2, "Microsoft are the technology equivalent of Taiwan" was posted.

Remember to send Stuart or myself anything you'd like to see covered. Be sure to follow #ThisWeekInLotus on Twitter for updates, or add an iTunes subscription. Hopefully you will have as much fun listening to the podcast as we do making it.
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