It actually took me a while to find the fix list in the readme document because it was so short! Available from Fix Central (direct download link) and containing the following fixes:

1        Fixed issue in Quickr Domino with creating and navigating very deep directory structures in Windows Explorer
2        Added Support for Notes 8.5.3
Darren Duke   |   December 17 2011 05:47:53 AM   |    quickr    |  
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1 - Alex       12/17/2011 10:46:48 AM

Downloaded them yesterday. While they may work with 8.5.3. The install package doesn't detect the embedded symphony in the Notes client. If you select "Lotus Notes Embedded Symphony". The install informs you that it can't find symphony and will not continue.

Is this just me or did they forget to test?

Also the buildinfo.txt file seems to be missing from package as well. I guess they forgot to include this file in the package on fix central.

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2 - Emilio       12/24/2011 1:13:00 AM

Same issue here (symphony not detected) ; When sending attachment, it does not create quickr link on Notes 8.5.3,.

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3 - Darren Duke    01/07/2012 12:12:28 PM

Has it ever worked with Symphony 3.x? I've never been successful get that sorted out.

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4 - alex       01/07/2012 7:11:51 PM

Afterback and forth, support was finally able to reproduce. The spr is #CAML8PTTPD

I won't be able to this year, but i am sure someone should remind the quickr next week in Orlando.

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5 - alex       01/23/2012 6:48:02 PM

Got a non answer from support


symphony components in the qkrconn.exe are not compatible.


Remove the symphony components from the current qkrconn.exe

instead download another symphony only connector that will work.