September 4 2009 Friday

Quickr Domino 8.1 FP 13 available

Quickr 8.1 Fix Pack 13 for Domino is available. Go get it over at IBM Fix Central.

Fixes include:
08/25/2009 MMOI7UGHUD When opening an .html file from connectors, you may get an error downloading the file.
08/25/2009 BTLW7TGA9G Blog comment lists the comment author as their login name, it should be Firstname Lastname
08/25/2009 KSAA7UVDM5 When deleting 1 file from a document containing multiple files through the Explorer Connector, a conflict document may be created when viewed through the Web UI.
08/25/2009 DAMC7UCDB9 Users accessed via Directory Assistance are not displayed correctly when performing lookups in Member Management.
08/25/2009 KSAA7UVCUM When adding an Author to a document, if you select a Group and a member at the same time, the Group is not saved.
08/13/2009 ESEO7TXSBY When sending a notification from within a room, all members of place get notified when only the room members should.
08/13/2009 KABS7TYUUG qptool refresh re-creates mail-in database documents.
08/06/2009 ESEO7TTSCK When Quickr is configured for Active Directory if you log in, then log out and then attempt to log in with a bad password then check the number of bad password attempts, it will show 2.
08/06/2009 DAMC7U2DRP Active Directory groups added using Directory Assistance gets displays as the DN when it should be the CN.
08/06/2009 PKAY7RHMRR When attachments are added using Connectors and the Quickr server is running on AIX, modification time of the file may be off.
08/06/2009 DTRR7PDKB3 When deleting a place that has a subroom, the subroom does not get removed.
08/06/2009 MPUL7UCKN7 Using Domino Catalog Search where places are not clustered to the Catalog Search server and then doing a search on all places from a different server results in an invalid URL error.
08/06/2009 MPUL7UFK9A When performing an Advanced Search while using a Domino Catalog Search and then clicking on My Places results in a page with no formatting.
08/06/2009 KABS7UBV5V Places are not visible in Place Administration if the user name contains an umlaut.

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