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This release now supports migrations from QP 6.5.1 and QP 7.0 straight to Quickr 8.2 using a side-by-side upgrade. See technote 4023631 for more details.

Fixes include:

07/16/2009 TPEA7RADGB qpconfig setting displays DN instead of CN displayed in member view.
07/16/2009 ESEO7S6PKV Regional preferences are not saved when changing them via the Select Time Zone link.
07/16/2009 DAMC7TAHDF Files uploaded by Connectors to 'Editor-In-Chief' Workflow folder not displayed correctly in web UI.
07/16/2009 KABS7TFJAN Newsletters are not sent out if Quickr uses the Domino LDAP task on the Domino same server as Quickr.
07/16/2009 KABS7TFK39 Room creation fails if the room is being created in a place that has been unregistered.
07/16/2009 KABS7TPV9R Removing a group from the Members page results in that group appearing as No Access
07/16/2009 DAMC7AEGQU In connectors, if “Show Views” is selected on a place, checked out and draft documents in subrooms are not shown, only those documents in the main room are shown.
(see fix DAMC7AEGQU in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
07/16/2009 MPUL7TDKH7 External Groups starting with a special character (eg: #) cannot be added to Room Security.
07/16/2009 RTIN7C7MQ3 When creating a Link Page in older themes, the option for the link to open in a new window does not work correctly, the link does not open in a new browser window.
07/08/2009 MMOI7STSYW
Cannot check both checkboxes in “Grant Access To Everyone” dialog within Member Management.
07/08/2009 KABS7TCJCL qptool register -install does not work well with non-ascii characters
07/08/2009 MPUL7QGM8T Local user who has same username and password across places can not sign in after signing in and out of first place.
07/06/2009 MPUL7EUC7E When editing a post, the cursor may jump to the top of the page after different operations.
07/06/2009 KCLU7QFKNP The More Actions option of a Connections Business Card does not display any options when clicked.
06/30/2009 CSTS7T3RCE Unable to import an html page when that page contains a flash (swf) file.
06/30/2009 WBSI7DL3R9 With Quickr’s embedded Sametime support, “In A Meeting” is not offered as one of the Sametime statuses.
Please see the “Additional Information for special fixes” section for more information on this fix.
06/30/2009 THES7BSN7M After Quickr server is just started, if web client enters a URL to a place and that URL has a special character at the end such as a period, you can no longer get into the place even with the correct URL until the Quickr server is shut down.
06/30/2009 PKAY7SKRU4 When logasio is run as a Domino task, Quickr will not shutdown when the Domino server is shutdown.
06/30/2009 PKAY7S8JAF Setting the Domino config setting Domino Web Engine / POST data / Maximum post data to 0 prevents Quickr from being able to create a new place or post.
06/30/2009 CLOH7SV634 If using Quickr Blog within another site in an iframe, clicking some of the blog links removes the iframe.

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