I say this a week or so ago but was in the middle of teaching a Domino PoT. It is good to see IBM have made it far simpler to get all of the relevant and applicable fixes. As usual these are available from IBM Fix Central.

Image:Quickr Domino 8.2 FP5 and HF4 available - and IBM have streamlined Fix Central

Quickr Connector HF 4 ( includes:
  • Send a Link email text confusing - We made changes here to allow one our customers remove the text that is sent when using the "Send Link" function to create an email link to a Quickr document.  
  • Outlook 2007 crashes the second time an email/editor is closed - To reproduce this issue open any email in Outlook 2007, close the email and then reopen any email.  Prior to this fix Outlook should crash
  • Grammatical mistakes in connectors   q820.desktop - This just fixes a grammar error in one of our error messages.
  • Files dragged from Namespace into Outlook email are corrupted        q820.desktop- To reproduce this problem drag and drop a Quickr document over 65k in size from Explorer into an Outlook email.  Prior to this fix all documents over 65k were being truncated.
  • An issue was also addressed where Notes could fail to start after a crash with the Connector's installed though no pmr was opened to track it.
I find it amusing that in the accompanying Word doc the "Gramatical" fix verbiage has a error it.

Quickr 8.2 Fix Pack 5 ( contains:

10/20/2009 JRIE7VZM44 When MS Word document is Checked In with Options and the location changed to the Table of Contents, when choose More Actions / Download, the attachment is a jpg, not the doc file.
10/20/2009 KSAA7W8BMN In certain circumstances, selecting Next in My Places to show the next page of places does not work correctly for Super Users.
10/20/2009 MPUL7WEG76 User selected time zone not honored consistently in a place via the web UI.
10/20/2009 MALZ7W5NRC In certain circumstances, logging in as a superuser can cause the Domino server to crash.
10/20/2009 BTLW7WL4UF Advanced Search across All Places returns a 404 error.
10/20/2009 DAMY7WSV4P When versions are enabled, workflow approval process does not allow an approver to modify the document.
10/20/2009 TJOR7W7NWZ Adding approval process to a custom form causes previously-submitted documents to become unusable.
(see fix TJOR7W7NWZ in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

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