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11/16/2011 DWHN8MYD5B
Cannot create a version of a document when using Domino Native Authentication and the logged in user is a member of  more than 2000 groups.
11/15/2011 CAML8NAUYL
When a page contains more than 10 attachments and the last attachment name contains an ampersand (&), the error “Page was not saved due to an error” will display when the page is saved.
11/15/2011 HMON8M7M3A
When running ‘qptool refresh  -r -p placename’ on a Place based off a PlaceType and then running ‘compact -b’ on the Domino server, the next time that Place is used, Domino runs a consistency check on that database.
11/15/2011 TJOR8N3LB3
When the qpconfig setting is set to false, when sending a notification to a recipient, you will receive the javascript error ‘CMI_sendAbstract.checked’ is null or not an object.
11/15/2011 TJOR8LVVWJ
When the qpconfig setting is set to true and the place configuration setting “Members: Show Editors and Authors a link to the Members page” is not checked, Editors and Authors should not be able to click on the To link to bring up a list of place members when sending a notification, but they can.
11/15/2011 TJOR8MCLBA
Place Statistics “Total Number of Places” is incorrect as it also contains the Room count.
11/09/2011 DTRR8M7DZ8
Document links are missing from the HTML version of the News Letter.
(see fix DTRR8M7DZ8 in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
11/04/2011 CSTS8MTPCF
After modifying the Folder Properties of a Protected Folder, users who are not included in the Folder ACL can now see the Folder.
11/02/2011 DTRR8LJM53
Group can not be expanded in Room Membership when the group name starts with a pound sign (#).
11/02/2011 ZNJN85J9LX Quickr Domino server crash where the NSD shows the crash in HuServiceImpl::procRestViewFeed.
11/02/2011 GAKI8M7EMQ
With a customer specific place, the members of “All Members” in a subroom are not displayed in when choosing members with the Member Picker dialog to set access on Folders and Documents.
11/02/2011 No SPR In customer environment, Contacts1.nsf was somehow renamed to upper case.  Because ‘qptool refresh’ was looking for the correctly cased Contacts1.nsf and couldn’t find it, it was rebuilt.
10/26/2011 ESEO8MUM6C
Under certain circumstances a malformed URL could cause the Quickr Domino server to crash.
10/26/2011 KRED8M6LV7
When using Quickr with Connections, when you edit a Community associated with a Quickr place and save, an error 400 will be returned.
10/26/2011 DAMC8KTCNZ
When using Quickr with Connections, when special characters are used in the Community Name and a Quickr place is associated, the Quickr place does not display.
10/25/2011 RTIN8L8J6Q
When creating a document from an Editor-In-Chief workflow form and that form contains an attachment field and check to send an email to the designated Editor-In-Chief, the email will be sent with link placeholders instead of links itself.
10/25/2011 HMON8LBJJA
When searching for a Place in the Admin Console and the Place Title of any place in the Place Catalog is empty, the Quickr Domino Server will crash.
10/25/2011 TJOR8HUR7R
Cannot round trip edit an attachment in a document located in a Room when the folder the document is in has an ampersand (&) in its title.
10/25/2011 GAKI8LWDE4
When there is not default language set in Internet Explorer and the current regional settings are not set to English, you can not create an Upload using the Upload button in the Library folder.
10/25/2011 TJOR8MVJEP
Using a customer specific place, the Quickr Domino server will crash when running ‘qptool upgrade’.

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