October 26 2011 Wednesday

Quickr Domino 8.5.1 Fix Pack 9 available

Containing fixes all the through to 10/19 and available from Fix Central. It contains the following "repairs":

10/19/2011 XZSU8MA4PE
When creating a task and select “Display in calendar”, the task will display one day earlier.
10/19/2011 MMOI8ME54W
If a subroom contains [All Members] as Reader and then remove [All Members] from the parent room, a user with Reader access trying to access the subroom will crash the Quickr Domino server.
10/19/2011 DAMC8MMHJA
When a place has been taken offline and then viewed offline, Javascript errors prevent viewing the place.
*Please note, you will have to uninstall Lotus Domino Sync Manager from the clients having this issue.  Upon taking a place offline, the Quickr Offline Services containing this fix will be installed.
10/14/2011 TJOR8MJNVD
The “Lock Place” warning message incorrectly translated in French.
10/14/2011 No SPR Under certain circumstances the Domino server may crash when using Offline Password Synchronization when using authentication lockout.
10/11/2011 DTRR8LJM53
In the Room Membership screen, LDAP groups do not show subgroups as children of the group they belong to.
10/11/2011 PPOR8LVK9Z
When using a custom theme from an upgraded 8.2 place and drag a file from a place in the Notes Sidebar Connector into an email and send, clicking on the resulting link brings up the document in the browser without the custom theme.
10/11/2011 SHEZ88VBA6
Local Quickr groups can not be expanded in the Room Membership screen.
10/11/2011 RTIN8LMHVM
Using the browser client and selecting one ore more documents from a secured folder and selecting More Actions > Selected Items > Move To… to move to a different folder, pressing cancel at the confirmation screen results in the documents still being moved.
10/11/2011 GAKI8M7HWK
When sending a link, if you modify the Address field in (the URL to the page you are sending), the URL reverts back to the original URL upon send.
10/11/2011 DWHN8MHCPR
Customer specific issue - ‘qptool repair’ crashes after running for 6 hours on about 500gb of data.
10/11/2011 GAKI8M7EMQ
When the “All Members” internal group is used to assign membership to a Room, the member picker dialog (such as that when creating a restricted folder) will not display the individual members.
10/07/2011 TJOR8L8QNS
When using an upgrade place and a folder name in that place contains an ampersand (&), round trip editing an attachment on a page fails with an Error 500.
10/07/2011 HMON8MEPJD
When using an older theme, the What’s New does not display correctly
10/07/2011 CSTS8M4NHZ
When an image has been uploaded to the server from the Rich Text Editor, displaying that page shows the uploaded image as in the list of attachments on the page.
10/07/2011 DWHN8MCGR7
Under certain circumstances using an older theme when uploading an image in the Rich Text Editor,  you are prompted to enter your credentials even if  credentials are entered, the upload fails.
09/30/2011 DAMC8LELBE
In a clustered environment, the Virtual Place Server document in the Place Catalog gets deleted and recreated every time a new place is created or an existing place is registered which can cause a large server overhead on a server with a lot of traffic.
09/30/2011 DAMC8LEK5N
In a clustered environment, the ‘qptool changemember’ and ‘qptool repair’ commands remove and recreate the place documents from the place catalog, but it only recreates the place document for the current server and the for the virtual server.  It does not recreate any place documents that exist on other cluster mates which can lead to places not being shown in My Places.
09/28/2011 TJOR8LBKC8
Using the Notes Connector, when moving a folder or document when whose name contains accented characters to another folder, the resulting folder or document name no longer contains the accented character, instead it contains the encoded character representation.
09/28/2011 PPOR8K7DK9
The option “Allow managers to make changes to the TOC” in the Customize / Place Type Options doesn’t work correctly if set to “No”.
09/28/2011 DAMC8LNF2M
When the file name of an Imported Document in 8.2 contains a single quote, then that place is upgraded to 8.5.1, when attempting to open that file in Connectors, an error is given that the document cannot be found.
*Please note, you must run ‘qptool upgrade -f -p placename’ for this fix to be applied
09/27/2011 TJOR8ETLLA
When adding a Date Field to a List and setting the date, the date may display incorrectly if the day of the month you are setting is greater than the number of days in the current month is, example, setting March 30th when the current month is February, the date will display as April 2nd.
09/27/2011 TJOR8LNSEH
Place Statistics does not contain Room data.
09/27/2011 PPOR8LGKR2
Unable to rename a Folder from the browser client when the place is created based off a Place Type.
09/27/2011 ACHG8LH6NR
When using a custom form, DOM variables h_Authors and h_Readers do not contain all names listed in the Readers and Authors fields of the document when viewed in Notes.
(note : in a recent previous rendition of this fix new DOM variables h_Authors_Multi and h_Readers_Multi were introduced, these have been removed and h_Authors and h_Readers now contain the correct list of values.)
09/21/2011 YXIO8HG56M
The option to "Notify those responsible when tasks are assigned and completed" located in the Customize / Basics page doesn't work.
(see fix YXIO8HG56M  in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
09/21/2011 ESEO8HVLL5
When notifications are sent, the Reply To field should be populated so the email receiver can just press Reply to respond to the email.  
*please note, and nodes must be set in the qpconfig.xml for this fix to be applied.
(see fix  ESEO8HVLL5 in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
09/21/2011 HMON8HUQWL
After upgrading to Quickr 8.5 the option to only send the first 30 words in notifications for page and for tasks is missing.
(see fix   HMON8HUQWL in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
09/21/2011 DAMC8JJG73
‘qptool removemember’ will not remove groups that were added through the browser’s Member Management page.
09/21/2011 MMOI8J4UDR
Sometimes when Room Managers try to move content to a different folder, the UI to choose a different folder shows an empty folder list.
09/21/2011 SSCG8K7BUT
The Folder Properties draft does not get removed if you press the Close button on the Folder Properties window instead of pressing Next to continue through the wizard or Cancel.  Also, enhance “qptool repair” to remove any left over Folder Properties draft proxy documents.
*Please note, set the notes.ini setting QuickPlaceDeleteDraftFolderProxy=1 before using ‘qptool repair’ to remove left over draft proxy documents, this setting may be removed once ‘qptool repair’ has been run.

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1 - Richard Moy    http://www.dominointerface.com    10/27/2011 6:35:58 AM

Woop,another fix pack to install. It is amazing how many fix packs Quickr has.

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2 - Giannandrea       11/20/2011 8:55:45 AM

Wow, in less than one month from the FP9, now the FP10 is out: Fix pack 10 ( 8.5.1-Quickr-Domino-FP10

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3 - Sayantan Mondal       11/22/2011 7:05:09 PM

I am not sure which version of Quickr 851 on domino will be stable.We just upgraded to v8.5.1 FP7 and had a crash on the second day due to some view feeds.IBM now wants to move us to FP10.