Available on IBM Fix Central (direct download link for all OSes). A small one this time around, containing the following fixes:

11/28/2011 DTRR8LJM53
Group can not be expanded in Room Membership when the group name starts with a pound sign (#).
11/28/2011 DWHN8LNCEW
Quickr doesn't display Scandinavian characters correctly for documents published From Quickr to Filenet.
11/21/2011 RSOI8N8F2T
When a notification is sent to a Member via the Member’s Page - More Actions - Notify and that place is set with a custom theme, when the user opens the link, the place is shown with the standard theme instead of the customized theme.
11/21/2011 RSOI8JFJXT
When copying a document based off a custom form to a Room and then copy custom form to room, changes made to that room's custom form are not honored in the already copied document.
(see fix  RSOI8JFJXT in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
11/21/2011 PPOR8N7JWV
Calendar date format is not correct, should be dd-MM for en-gb.
11/21/2011 MMOI8NA4NF
User name display error in group expansion and Member page when the DN does not start with "cn=" or "uid=".
(see fix MMOI8NA4NF - MMOI8NA3ZC in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)

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