See the screen shot below? See the red box I've highlighted? That is a button that will show the desktop. No. More. Constantly. Minimizing. Windows.

Image:Windows 7 tip that I accidentally stumbled upon - or RTFM I guess

I've always right clicked on the taskbar and picked the option, but I guess since Windows 7 (at least, never used Vista) is now a handy shortcut.
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1 - Peter Smith       12/15/2011 4:18:02 AM

having moved to Win7 from a MBP I have cursing this for ages, and it was there all along.

Sometimes the simplest things...


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2 - Theo Heselmans    12/15/2011 4:54:12 AM

I knew about the desktop one, but the battery and network stuff is new to me. what are those?

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3 - Wannes Rams    12/15/2011 5:13:18 AM

great, I was using the same method as you.

This is way more easier :-)

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4 - Frank    12/15/2011 5:25:14 AM

is to press the Windows key & D at the same time. All windows are minimised to the desktop.

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5 - Darren Duke       12/15/2011 6:39:39 AM

@2, Theo, those are the Lenovo power and network monitors than come with, well, a Lenovo :)

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6 - Tim Tripcony       12/15/2011 8:37:30 AM

...if you hover over the button without clicking it, your desktop will be temporarily revealed without actually switching to it. So if you have desktop widgets that are periodically updated and you just want to quickly check the status of one of them, you can hover to reveal the desktop, then when you move the mouse away you're back to the app you already had in focus.

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7 - Mick Moignard       12/15/2011 4:10:15 PM

just a couple of days ago, when I suddenly found myself staring at the desktop, after missing the bottom of a scrollbar.


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8 - Darren Duke    12/16/2011 4:56:41 AM

@6, Ah-ha. Tim has figured out the use for that. It hadn't occurred to me to use it that way.