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03/15/2012 HMON8K7RW7
A document upgraded from 8.2 which displays as an Upload in Connectors changes to a Page icon when checked out via the Connectors.
03/07/2012 GAKI8RZGEK
With a customer specific place, searching the place resulted in either no results found or garbage was displayed in the search results.
03/07/2012 No SPR When using Tivoli Access Manager (TAM), Pages with attachments are not being saved giving the message "Page was not saved due to an error".
03/07/2012 CSTS8R5UV3
When a member of a Place is also a member of a large number of LDAP groups, that user does not see any members listed in the Members page.
03/07/2012 TJOR8QUT2J
Policies to Warn or Lock places based on inactivity of the place do not trigger if the server is part of a cluster with the following qpconfig setting enabled:
03/07/2012 PPOR8K7LBE
If a user modifies a List and that user is different than who created the List, the Last Modified information isn’t updated with the current modifier’s name.
03/07/2012 CSTS8RVTKZ
Unable to edit or save imported Microsoft Office documents in a wiki place after upgrading to Quickr FixPack 25.
03/07/2012 RSOI8RXP46
When Quickr is set up with Domino Native Authentication, searching for names in the Add Members page does not respect the Person or Group radio button.
03/07/2012 DTRR8RKLCA
If a member of a place copies the URL for a preview and then logs out, that URL may still display the preview.
(see fix  DTRR8RKLCA in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
03/07/2012 DTRR8QWG9A
'qptool changemember' does not update the user's display name after being run.
02/24/2012 MHLU8RS86J If a imported Microsoft Office document from Quickr 8.2 was replaced or renamed using Quickr 8.5.x before FixPack 25, after upgrading to FixPack 25, that imported document may not be available in connectors and may not have it's preview shown in the browser client.
02/21/2012 ASHH8QZCFQ
When editing Microsoft Office document checked out via Connectors and from the Office application choosing "Save As" and saved to a different name but within the same directory as the checked out document, you can no longer access the document from Connectors.
02/21/2012 CSTS8QWRTU
In a customer specific environment, not all of the customer's places were being shown in the "Add Place" Connector dialog.
02/21/2012 DAMC8LJF3N
When a List item contains an ampersand (&) a document using that List will not load.
02/21/2012 DAMC8QSLV3
In a customer specific place, the customer cannot remove a version of a document.
02/21/2012 DWHN8NEGEV
Custom HTML forms are not mapped correctly when publishing to FileNet.
(see fix DWHN8NEGEV in "Additional Information for special fixes" section)
02/21/2012 HHIE8R3F8P
Wiki response page links within Search Results cannot be opened when searching the place.
02/21/2012 HMON8LXQ4M
Using a Custom Form with an Options control, if you create a document and select an item in the list and then later modify the Custom Form to not include that item.  The document will have the wrong item selected.
02/21/2012 HMON8QGSNT
An email sent from Lotus Notes to a Quickr Mail In database displays as text but also displays html attributes.
02/21/2012 MMOI8QGPG2 When importing a file via ActiveX, if you replace that file, the preview will display both the old and new file previews.
02/21/2012 MMOI8QZRUM
Customer does not want qptool upgrade to add Anonymous to the ACL if they have removed it.
*please note: this fix requires notes.ini setting QuickPlaceDoNotAddAnonymousToACL=1
02/21/2012 PPOR8QZRR5
If a Quickr 8.5 place is not listed in the PlaceCatalog, cannot load the place with a direct URL.
02/21/2012 RSOI8QCF2R
When using the SOAP / REST APIs, creating a draft of a Page and adding content to the body of the page and checking in resulted in the body not to be saved.

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