Available on IBM Fix Central. Contains the following fixes:

12/22/2011 LHFX8NLKSA
Date Popup and Last Modified Date format is not correct for en-gb, should be DD/MM/YYYY.
12/22/2011 ESEO8PGKMP
With a customer specific place, not able to move an item to the very bottom of the table of contents.
12/22/2011 TJOR8PGTGR
When using a Quickr 8.2 themed place on Quickr 8.5.1, an image uploaded into the rich text editor shows as an attachment to the page and that attachment's modified time is wrong.
12/22/2011 HHIE8PL8FS
Quickr Domino server crash due to an incorrectly formatted URL.
12/20/2011 LHFX8NLJ6E
Unable to move documents from a parent folder to a child folder if there are 10 or more documents in the parent folder.
12/20/2011 CRAY88AM5P
Images uploaded to server when creating a blog comment do not show in the comment.
*please note, limitations in blog comments prevent uploading an image to the server for blog comments.  This fix removes the Upload to Server tab from the Insert Image button in the rich text editor.
12/13/2011 DWHN8NFGVK
When accessing a document through Connectors where that document is based on a custom form containing a “Single Attachment” field, but the document itself does not contain an attachment, you will receive the error message “Unknown Error 500”.
12/13/2011 CSTS8M5MMD
When selecting More Actions - Print from a document where the Rich Text field would span to the next page, the text on the following page does not print.
12/13/2011 No SPR When creating a Quickr Wiki place via Connections, the Domino server name is displayed in Connections as the owner.
*please note, for this fix to take effect, you must run qptool upgrade -f on the places having this issue.
12/08/2011 CSTS8NAT6N
The Edit button is missing from a Workflow Approval Cycle For Approver after first logging in through Portal to Quickr using DN remapping.
12/08/2011 LHFX8NVHGY
When a place has the option “Show Editors and Authors a link to the Members page” disabled and an Editor or Author sends a notification, but deselects the “notify everyone” box, the member list is presented.
12/08/2011 CLOH8PBCJ3
When upgrading a place to 8.5.x, a document based off a custom form that contains an attachments field has the Connectors default action of opening the document in the browser.
(see fix CLOH8PBCJ3 in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
12/05/2011 PPOR8K7LBE
If a user modifies a List and that user is different than who created the List, the Last Modified information isn’t updated with the current modifier’s name.
12/05/2011 HMON8HVHW4
When in a notifying users within a Room, the text should say “Notify All Members of this Room” instead of “Notify All Members of this Place”
12/05/2011 CAML8MKVYL
When uploading an image to a custom form containing a non-editable Rich Text Field, the Quickr Domino Server will crash.
12/05/2011 MMOI8NXMP6
Quickr Domino Server crash when creating a new list when the Quickr Domino server is on AIX.
12/05/2011 TDON84VL8C
Quickr Domino server crash when running ‘qptool report -policyexecute’ using a customer specific place.

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