Well, not really fix pack 25, more like "Upgrade Pack 1". It resolves a whole lot of issues inadvertently introduced moving from Quickr 8.2 to 8.5.x and add some oft requested features (internet site docs). Specifically addressed are the following (from Luis Benitez's blog):

  • Addition of the Folder Navigator for libraries with deep folder hierarchies and the Index
  • Improved preview for Microsoft Office file attachments and imported pages
  • Support for importing HTML
  • Display of an attachment's last modified date on Attachments tab
  • Simplified place creation process that eliminates the requirement of reauthentication
  • The ability for editors and authors to create folders in a place.
  • Support for Internet Site documents

(bold is my emphasis)

Watch out, as FP25 does have a new qp2.cab to that will need to be pushed out in most organizations. And a request to IBM, please enter the date added to the "Additional Information for special fixes" section so we can easily tell what is new in the qpconfig.xml or notes.ini files.

Fixes are cumulative and contain the following in addition to the above (and I'm including FP13 here as I missed that one myself):
02/08/2012 CRAY87TRS5
Enable the browser client to remember View preferences, such as how many items to show per page.
(see fix CRAY87TRS5 in “Additional Information for special fixes” section)
02/08/2012 CSTS8AERK8
Unable to view the Modified Date on attachments on a Page.
02/08/2012 TJOR8AGLA2
The "Log Out" link is not being displayed if using Domino Internet Site documents.
02/08/2012 WBSI8LY8EN
SameTime Awareness not working if using Domino Internet Site documents.
02/08/2012 PPOR8P4JH4
The manager can make changes to the Table Of Contents in connectors even if they do not have permission to do so.
02/08/2012 XNXN8MG4XK When using an older theme images attached through the rich text editor show as attachments in the page.
01/13/2012 CAML8N7UBB
When a Calendar Event has been saved into a different Folder than the Calendar, the Event shows as a Task.
01/13/2012 ESEO8PAPFG
When printing a 1 or 2 week Calendar when there are a lot of entries in the Calendar causes the page to never finish loading.
01/09/2012 HHIE8PL8FS
Quickr Domino server crash due to an incorrectly formatted URL.
01/09/2012 CSTS8N8TWE
RSS Feeds are limited to a maximum of 10 documents.
(see fix CSTS8N8TWE in the “Merging Notification Template Updates” section)
01/09/2012 CAML8N8VBM
The last modified time / date of a folder is updated even if the user cancels out of the Folder Properties.
01/09/2012 RTIN8PPNXP
When running 'qptool newsletter', the newsletter shows a document modified by the original author even if that document was modified by someone else.
01/09/2012 RTIN8PPJPQ
After upgrading from Quickplace 7 to Quickr 8.2 to Quickr 8.5.1, a Task loses the display name of who the Task was assigned to.
01/09/2012 HMON8LXQ4M
Using a Custom Form with an Options control, if you create a document and select an item in the list and then later modify the Custom Form to not include that item.  The document will have the wrong item selected.
01/09/2012 LHFX8NUJR4
Using a Custom Workflow Form with both a Text field and a Rich Text  field,  modifying a document where the Rich Text field is changed, the modifications are not saved.
01/09/2012 TJOR8Q6NHY
In a customer specific place that has a Custom Form, when logged in as an owner or manager and going into a Room, that Custom Form is not shown, though it is shown for regular users.

Also handy is this little gem:
CLOH8PBCJ3 - When upgrading a place to 8.5.x, a document based off a custom form that contains an attachments field has the Connectors default action of opening the document in the browser. This is by design when importing documents based on a custom form.

To allow a document based off a custom form that contains a single attachment to be launched from the Connectors set the following notes.ini setting and restart your Quickr Domino server:

Then you must run ‘load qptool upgrade -f -a’ on the server to update the documents.

The upgraded documents with a single attachment will now appear in Connectors so that you can double click to open them.

Please note, if each document based off your custom form will only contain a single attachment, you should modify your custom form to remove the Attachments field and then add a Single Attachment field, this way newly created documents will have the default action of launching within the Connectors.

Oh, how I wish that had been in since 8.5 shipped. But that must surely be one of the longest notes.ini settings in history......
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1 - Christian       02/22/2012 6:53:54 AM

did you see the installation-guide?

that's the best!!!!

It's good for museum.

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2 -       02/26/2012 10:25:16 AM

I've received few minutes ago this technote, about an issue for QuickR FP 25 and "Imported Docs".

Here's the link:

{ http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21579345&myns=swglotus&mynp=OCSS64R8&mync=E }