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03/29/2011 ESEO8D7PGJ
Inconsistent error messages when deleting a document via the browser client.
03/29/2011 MPUL7YTJF9
External Groups Members Expand as "Undefined" In Room Security
03/29/2011 HHIE8DEAVS
When sending a notification, if the “To” field contains more than 256 characters, an error is generated.  The “To” field should allow more than 256 characters.
03/29/2011 JRIE8ERLTH
In extremely rare circumstances, an 8.2 Quickr place doesn’t get fully upgraded and Folders do not show in the browser client.
03/29/2011 GAKI8FALLG
When using a PlaceBot that modifies the Authors (h_authors) and/or Readers (h_readers) field of a document being published, those modifications do not get saved to the document..
03/23/2011 NXLE8ESBBP
With TAM integration, when moving a folder within a room to a folder in the main room an incorrect URL is produced and you receive an HTTP 404 error.
03/23/2011 MALR8EUM5Z Need ability to allow a PlaceBot to run unrestricted LotusScript and Javascript code.
Please see new description and section in the qpconfig_sample.xml   under .
03/21/2011 HMON8ECKMM
With qpconfig setting for , daily and weekly notifications contain extraneous data.
03/21/2011 HMON8AWNSM
Under certain circumstances, the modified date of files in the connectors may be up to 6 hours off.
03/21/2011 ZWWG8D9B7S Performance issue in Internet Explorer.
03/14/2011 No SPR When creating a Quickr Wiki place via Connections, the Domino server name is displayed in Connections as the owner.
03/11/2011 DAMC8EQN72
After upgrading an 8.2 place to 8.5.1, upgraded documents (Pages) containing 1 attachment produce an error during round trip editing of that attachment.
03/07/2011 DAMC8EAKH9
When sending a notification, the dashes are removed from the Comments and Address fields.
03/07/2011 MZHA8EBGLY In a workflow, a requester’s Chinese name of the email sent requesting review is incorrect.
03/07/2011 YDZG8EHAEU Document title is shown with incorrect Chinese characters in a workflow notification.
03/07/2011 DAMC8DPJRF
When SSL is enabled on the Quickr server, when editing a document via round trip editing through connectors you may get a “Mixed Content” warning in the browser.
03/07/2011 MZHA8EC3AV Under certain circumstances, the Approve / Reject button may not available for a new workflow using a custom form based on "Approval Cycle" workflow.
03/07/2011 DTEG8EECVU Quickr only recognizes an SSO configuration named LtpaToken.
03/07/2011 TJOR8AMMCN
After adding a member to a room, the user is brought back to the room’s home page instead of staying in the “Room Members” screen.
03/07/2011 HMON8ECMV7
When selecting More Actions / Print from a Search Results screen, the print view does not show the search results.
03/07/2011 ESEO8DPQDD
Issues with pasting a Quickr URL to a page or a link to a file to download when you have logged out of Quickr.

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