August 25 2017 Friday

Quickr Fix for Chrome 60+

Yeah, Quickr right? Long time since I've posted about Quickr. Still a great (if somewhat complicated and unsupported) product, Still being used by me and several clients despite IBM having several products claiming to replace it.. Despite IBM ceasing support many moons ago it chugged along very nicely  so long as a reverse proxy is in front of it to allow TLS 1.2 and SHA2. Except Chrome 60 broke it. Google (and Safari before it) changed the way XHR works and basically buggered Quickr in the process (and Connections, but IBM will give you a fix for that).

There is a thread in the Quickr forum about this Chrome issue, The always friendly (and usually beer laden on the way to present a session) Rob Novak indicated he had collaborated with some other folks and has came out with a fix. Even better he offered it to anyone who asks. If you still use Quickr, ask away. Oh, the fix also addresses Safari too (apparently)......

Image:Quickr Fix for Chrome 60+
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