December 21 2017 Thursday

2017 Snark Review

Holy crap, this snark-laced review thing has been going since 2010......

Firefox started at 50, ended at 57.

Chrome started at 55, ended at 63.


Edge...keeps informing me it's more secure than Firefox. Show me the source code and I'll decide that.

Switched back to Firefox as of Quantum (57) as my main browser. Seems (at least to me) to be much faster than Chrome.

Was there a Connect 17? If there was I wasn't there. Pretty certain I won't be at Think 18 so I'm starting a streak of some type.

Still never seen a live (or otherwise) CCM installation. This is now a very long streak, as long as CCM has been a thing. CCM still is thing right?

Rob Novak and a collaborator issued a fix for Chrome and Firefox users still using Quickr. IBM really screwed up killing Quickr and foisting CCM on the world. I see Quickr every now and then, for CCM see above,

Speaking of IBM, they claim they are in no way exiting the Domino market, nor selling it all to HCL. Confused? Yeah.....

At MWLUG in August IBM pretty much 'fessed up to screwing the whole "we're not dead yet" message and mentioned there "could" be a Domino 10.

And there will be a Domino 10. They've sort of pinky promised that in "Jam" sessions. This is a much needed and somewhat surprising admission that the whole "lets just do fix packs and rename them to feature packs and no one will notice" message that, while completely insane, was IBM's "message" for quite a while. It seems to me that the "only feature packs" insanity is a microcosm of the whole IBM 2015 plan. Remember that train wreck? Everyone knew it was bad but carry on they did, doing irreparable damage. Yeah, it's a lot like that now I recollect on it.

I mentioned HCL and the confusing things around that right?

Speaking of "jams" I attended the virtual one. IBM keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For now I'll be reserving my jam participation to the one I use on toast.

The new pod has stalled a bit. Not sure why. Shame as I actually have some useful tips piling up.

Alien technology apparently exists in some building in Vegas. Isn't Think 18 in Vegas? Maybe I will go to Think 18.....oh wait, IBM and alien technology? Maybe I should leave the country during Think.

Many companies screwed up their UI designs, including but not limited to Sonos and Skype (on Windows 10).

Confusion around HCL and IBM....I mentioned that already but it's stuck in my head.

Speaking of Windows 10, I'm now running it on my main work PC's except the laptop I travel with. It's irritating as f#*@ but you get used to it being irritating as f@#$. Still, it's not all bad. Just mostly bad. And irritating as f*%!.

Speaking of "mostly bad" things Trump is *still* in office and Brexit is *still* happening.

The 0.29 of a bitcoin I mined back in 2013-14 is now worth $5,000+. If it keeps up this growth rate for 3 more years it'll be worth over $5,000,000. Cross your fingers dear reader, cross your fingers.

HCL? Kinda weird right?

Got an Apple Pencil. I actually like it. A lot. Glad I didn't have to shell out $75 on a Apple Pencil Sharpener. If you do get an Apple Pencil for $99 make sure to get the $10 app "Notes Plus". It makes the Pencil. Truly it does.

Tried to use Verse several times. The install was surprisingly easy. More Domino and less Websphere of an install process (at least a 1.0.2 where I came into this song). But it's still missing *so* much that I go back to iNotes/Notes almost immediately. Then I forget the lack of features is as irritating as f**# and try it again, only to be mightily disappointed by it again. The search though?....absolutely wonderful. Get that in Notes and iNotes you'd have a winner. I may have a 2014 blog post to that effect somewhere......if only IBM would hold Jams to get excellent feedback from their customers and partners.

So this IBM/HCL thing......WTF?

Software/hardware that made 2017 Keepass, Wink Smarthome Hub, Firefox Quantum, Apple Pencil and Notes Plus for iPad.

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1 - Nicki    12/21/2017 3:11:34 PM

Re: Connect 17 - I wasn't there either. Missed it due to surgery, but I hear we didn't miss much! :P

I attended the recent Virtual Jam and came away feeling pretty much like you've expressed.

And yeah, IBM/HCL ... what the actual feck?

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2 - Peter Presnell    12/21/2017 3:48:37 PM

Great review as always Darren. You always find an entertaining way to get to the heart of every issue. I'm surprised you couldn't fit the IBM/HCL thing into this year's review. I guess there was just so much happening everywhere else. I'm really looking forward to not seeing you at IBM Think.

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3 - Craig Wiseman       12/21/2017 4:04:42 PM

Speaking of naming, have you noticed that the Microsoft PEN has an eraser, and the Apple PENCIL does not?

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4 - Keith    12/22/2017 7:29:16 AM

Always fun to read the end of the year post.

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5 - David Hablewitz    12/22/2017 11:55:57 AM

To quote the great sage Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five:

"It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under."