Organizations patch their Traveler servers at a fast and furious rate. There is nothing wrong with that. Indeed given the rate at which new mobile OS updates comes out you pretty much have to, and IBM are doing a great job here.

However, Traveler is not the only thing to patch. You also need to look at recent Domino IF's (intermediate fixes) and FP's (fix packs). As an example, yesterday Traveler IF2 was released. This provided fixes to the *actual* Traveler application that resides on a Domino server. But there are also Traveler related fixes in Domino 9.0 IF's as well, so be sure to check both when ever you do a patch or upgrade.

Here is an actual SPR fixed in Domino 9.0 IF4 for Traveler that needed to be addressed in the Domino server as opposed to Traveler itself:

Image:Remember to check *both* Domino and Traveler for fixes
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