October 2 2013 Wednesday

Thanks Bruce

It's hopefully safe to say that if you are reading this blog you know who Bruce Elgort is. Luminary is the word that keeps coming to mind when I think of Bruce. We all know what he has his hands in, OpenNTF, IdeaJam, Xsnippets, Taking Notes, the 1352 Report and incredibly important charity work to name a few. Today Bruce steps away from as Chairman of OpenNTF.

For me it's something else that I think of when someone mentions Bruce.....it's the early morning and you log-on to your computer, Skype starts up. Instantly (like he's been sat there all night stalking you) there is a Skype call from Bruce. "Now what's he trying to drag me into?", you think. Against your better judgement you click 'answer'. Before you know it Bruce and Gayle are belting out at the top of their voices "Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!". You seem to recall that this day, may indeed, be you birthday and a big, beaming grin comes to you face.

For that memory, and for all you have done for everyone #ThanksBruce.
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