February 12 2009 Thursday

Sametime Gateway for BPs can someone help?

We've done a few STGW installs at customers and are getting asked more and more for demonstrations of said product. We'd like to install on here at STS Galactic HQ (both to snoop on people and to demo) but we'd need a provisioning registration right? How does a BP with a Software Access Option go about getting said registration from IBM?

Because we're not on PPA for this (and hence this is not an entitlement in the true sense for STS), the federation site throws a wobbler:

alt="Image:Sametime Gateway for BPs can someone help?" border="0" src="sametime-gateway-for-bps-can-someone-help.htm/content/M2?OpenElement" />

Thanks in advance.
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1 - Handly Cameron    http://handly.blogspot.com    02/12/2009 10:19:37 PM

We had this issue for ourselves and another partner we were setting up the Gateway for.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with IBMers who had no idea on a solution.

In the end, we found the easy way: go buy a single user license for Sametime. This will give you the PPA access you need to get to the provisioning form.

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2 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    02/13/2009 7:43:30 AM

Thanks. Another product to add to the list of "not really included". Foundations, the new multimedia library and now Sametime Gateway

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3 - Gili Nachum    http://javatuning.com    02/16/2009 11:26:24 AM

you have a couple of other options that doesn't require federation:

1. set a stgw agasint another stgw.

2. set the stgw againt google (no federation needed).

3. see the functionality without any setup in IBM Lotus Sametime 8.0.2 demo: { http://stdemo4.demos.ibm.com/welcome_stdemo4.nsf }

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4 - John Del Pizzo       02/26/2009 8:02:54 PM

Hi Darren,

Did you see this link in the Sametime Information Center?

{ http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/sametime/v8r0/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.help.sametime.gateway.doc/rtc_aol_yahoo_without_poa_t.html }

Ignore the registration code but send me the rest of the information and I can get you squared away.


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5 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    02/27/2009 8:23:25 AM

Thanks John, I also got you email. I will get you the things you need.