This is somewhat related to Domino and 822 phrases post.

There are now a ton of settings in Domino that are buried deep in server documents, configuration documents and domain document. Isn't about time these were reviewed and new default values supplied for said settings? I understand that in 2002 Domino had to address many different mail client, but come on HTML is pretty much enabled on every client now (even the BlackBerry since 4.5)

It truly amazes me that users complain about "missing" Domino features only to realize they have been there since R6!

Here is my  proposed list of pre-populated default settings for a new server install:
  • 822 Phase enabled with common name as the value
  • "from Notes to Plain Text and HTML" for the outbound conversion
  • TNEFEnableConversion=1
  • Out of Office set to Service
  • Enforce Internet Password Lockout enabled
  • Automatically Restart After Crash enabled
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