For all the amazing advances with Domino over the last few years (DAOS, ID Vault, Xpages, etc) there are still few organizations doing the fundamentals. Domino policies is one such fundamental that are oft misunderstood, misconfigured or just completely turned off. Well, here's your chance to accelerate your policy knowledge into the stratosphere. The session will show you how to save time, make your life easier and even show you how to win the lottery and know the true meaning of life.

On Sunday at 4pm in the SW Osprey I will be hosting a "Show and Tell" session which will show attendees, start to finish, how to set up and use policies in your organization. It even covers things like archiving, enforcement and inheritance (you know, those check boxes on the right that everyone ignores). Being a SnT session you can take the content of the presentation right back to your office and implement it on Monday 25th (no one goes back on the Friday, right?). This means you can show your boss some real-world value from the cash that they just spent for sending you to the event!

I showed a STS customer some of the policy stuff covered in the session and their quote was "Man, I feel like I have just been baptized". I think he meant it had uncovered the light and showed him the way ;)

More info on the session

Hope to see you there!
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1 - Bob Brodsky       01/14/2010 9:48:03 AM


For those of us who are not privledged to be going to LS10 please post the presentation so we can learn a little, please.