Firstly, let me thank IBM and especially Christian Holsing, Paul Mooney and Gab Davis for allowing me to partake in the Show and Tell Session track at LS10. It was (in order):
  1. Hard work
  2. Great fun
  3. Nerve wracking

Additionally, a huge, huge thank you too all that turned up. Hopefully it was useful, informative and funny. As promised during the presentation here are the slides. For those of you not able to attend, you should still be able to utilize the presentation as it was a  "SnT" which means it documents, in screen shots and text, the process of enabling policies.

If you have any issues either post here (preferred as everyone benefits) or drop me an email.

Darren Duke   |   January 19 2010 03:39:53 PM   |    ls10  presentations    |  
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1 - Steve Breitenbach    01/19/2010 9:57:10 PM

I just wanted to thank you for presenting this session. Being an administrator in name only (I know enough to be dangerous), it's the little things like this session that will make my life a little easier.

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2 - Keith Taylor       01/20/2010 10:21:04 AM

Thank you for your effort on this session. I don't know if you want to include this in future sessions but I've found when you edit the ECL to add an ID for signing purposes, the users will get the ECL warning that this change is being made by the user id that edited the policy. I got a lot of helpdesk calls over that one...

PS. I know why you married your wife. She laughs the hardest at your jokes..

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3 - Darren is a funny dude    01/26/2010 10:52:25 AM

@2, you are right. And I married him for free tech support. :)