As some of you know, SHA2 support in the native Domino HTTP stack has been a bit of a fire starter of late. As IBM like to say "we've not heard that from our customers", here's your chance to change that.

How do you do that? Simple, if you are able to create a PMR against Domino (if you're on support for Notes and Domino you can) and mention that you want SPR # ABAI7SASE6 (APAR LO48388) addressed. Here's link to the IBM support portal, so head on over there and create an PMR via an Electronic Service Request (ESR)

The actual technote about IBM Domino *not* supporting SHA2 is here

And because APAR and SPR are confusing, here's what they mean

What are you waiting for? Go be heard.

Darren Duke   |   August 20 2014 08:08:48 AM   |    domino  security    |  
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1 - Bill Malchisky    08/20/2014 12:24:50 PM

Heard from IBM. Not sure if part of their form letter, or inserted by my analyst.

"We are receiving an increasing number of PMRs like this."

Either way... nice job, everyone. Keep adding your customers and companies to this SPR.

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2 - Ray Bilyk    08/21/2014 7:44:34 AM

Just added my SPR (02568,082,000) to the scale... hopefully we'll flip this puppy!

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3 - Lars Berntrop-Bos       08/21/2014 8:42:35 AM

PMR logged.

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4 - Mike McP       08/21/2014 9:42:20 AM

Logged. Why is this process so difficult? Oh, that's right...this is IBM:(

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5 - Lars Berntrop-Bos       08/21/2014 9:59:58 AM

And a Customer Report is added to the SPR to add to it's weight. Jump aboard, people!