I have many issues with SocialBizUG. Many, many, many, many. Did I say many? Too many to write about, especially as Twitter has removed any capability I ever had to write long form blog posts.....

Anyhow. One issue I have is outline below and that has consequences for the community at whole.....

Image:The issue with SocialBizUG - or you are missing REALLY important posts

See the post outlined in bold? That's a post from Kramer Reeves. Or as you may know him, "the new Ed Brill". But you wouldn't know that from that screen shot of PlanetLotus right? No. because every single post coming from the SocialBizUG site is practically anonymous. Now, I know this is Connections, and I know you know that I rate Connections just north of monkey poo, but the long lived BleedYellow site didn't have this issue (and it too was based of Connections) so it is something SocialBizUG are actually doing. On purpose.

Why is this an issue you ask? Well, over the past few weeks there have been several (many?) posts asking where we get the information that Ed used to disseminate. We apparently have a new outlet (Kramer literally has Ed's old job), but you never know it unless you clicked on every, single post ever created on SocialBizUG.

So, SocialBizUG, please, please, please fix this and list the author as the "poster". You may make me like you a smidge more. Just a smidge mind you. This is not an offer to get engaged or anything......
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1 - Chris Whisonant    https://www.socialbizug.org/blogs/lotusnut    02/04/2014 7:29:14 AM

As a blogger at SocialBizUG (well, when I DO blog), I don't have this problem because I have my own blog feed published to PlanetLotus. This is the same thing that BleedYellow did. Actually, it's not. When I (and a couple of others) ran BleedYellow, we didn't want to publish the entire blog feed to PlanetLotus, but rather put that into the hands of the individual blogger.

This means that the first thing that Mr. Reeves needs to do is go to PlanetLotus ({ http://planetlotus.org/blog/blog-submission/) and submit his feed (https://www.socialbizug.org/blogs/roller-ui/rendering/feed/Kramer/entries/atom?lang=en_us). } ) and submit his feed (https://www.socialbizug.org/blogs/roller-ui/rendering/feed/Kramer/entries/atom?lang=en_us).

Hopefully it remains a valid feed as IBM Connections has always had problems with feeds being validated. Currently it's working quite well, but we had this issue with BleedYellow blogs going back to the first releases of Connections.

So this is not actually something that should be chalked up to being an SBUG issue. Actually, I would probably recommend that they not publish all blogs due to the limitations of how PlanetLotus associates the feed with the PL user account causing the name to be displayed as the site.

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2 - Christian Tillmanns       02/04/2014 8:42:32 AM

Or we just ask Yancy Lent to do it... if possible ... and probably make it mandatory.

I too would prefere to see at first glance, who is writing.

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3 - Chris Miller    http://www.IdoNotes.com    02/04/2014 10:07:44 AM

Can I make another suggestion though for Kramer's blog. He has comments turned OFF. Yes off. No feedback, no discussion, no questions.

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4 - Christian Tillmanns       02/05/2014 3:56:26 AM

The comments are turned on for this post at least, but I posted a question about the Notes client yesterday and until now that post wasn't made puclic.

Does that make it even worse?

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5 - Yancy Lent    http://planetlotus.org    03/04/2014 3:49:11 PM

Done. The catch all feed has been removed. If you would like to submit your SocialBiz blog to Planet Lotus please do so here: { http://planetlotus.org/blog/blog-submission/ Side note: you'll have to use } Side note: you'll have to use { http://feed.informer.com to convert the Atom feed to RSS. } to convert the Atom feed to RSS.