December 17 2012 Monday

The somewhat snarky review of 2012

The year would not be complete without a review of the past 52 weeks of activity, so here goes:

Firefox started the year at version 9 and will most likely end with version 17. Firefox's aging is on par with a dog.

Google Chrome started the year at version 17 and will most likely end at version 25. Chrome's aging is on par with a dog.

IE started the year as shit browser. It will definitely end the year as a shit browser. IE is on par with a dog turd.

Not to be out done by not having an *actual* browser, HP has had almost as many CEO's as Firefox has had releases.

Lotusphere was renamed. But not at Lotusphere. And not in a timely manner. So as not confuse potential attendees it was renamed to Connect. And to further *not* confuse potential attendees a "stream" was added called "Lotusphere". Ironically the word "stream" is very confusing. I expect that in the coming years all IBM conferences will be named the same. This should significantly reduce the chances for IBM cocking up the renaming.

Quickr nary gained a mention during the whole of LS12. I'm guessing we will never see Mac Connectors. Will we see another Quickr?

I wrote a total of 20 blog posts during 2012. Previously that would have been two months worth of posts. There are reasons, mainly I have zero interest in Connections and/or WAS based products. I used Java Application Servers in 2001-2005 and they were bloated then. Oh, and the Domino Blog is getting harder and harder to use. I really need to move it....

Speaking of Connections, Connect should not be confused with Connections. One is a product, the other is a conference to sell said product.

My trusty Lenovo T500 finally gave up on me. I now have a Lenovo W520 with 16GB RAM. Yeah, I'm bragging.

Lotus as a brand is dead. But not really. The messaging was confused and the IT press seemly got the wrong end of the stick. Or IBM did. I'm seeing a pattern here.....

New IBM Champions were added, others jettisoned. I'm sure IBM has it's reasons, but it sure does look like writing a RedBook gets you voted on the island. Telling the Emperor they have no clothes seems to be a sure fire way of getting voted off.

Speaking of no clothes (see how I did that? Smooth eh?), I actually did naked Tweet the LS12 OGS from my hotel bed. You get a lot of followers when you use the word "naked" in a tweet. The video feed was not half bad (of the OGS, not me being naked). Kudos to IBM for that.

Speaking of LS12, that was by far the most uncomfortable CGS in memory. I attended in person, fully clothed and even made it up on stage. A lot of people on the front rows were probably hoping I'd slip and land on a knife.

This Week In Lotus has shuddered to a halt. There are reasons, mainly I have zero interest in Connections. Oh, and the Emperor having no clothes thing....

Notes 8.5.4 was renamed to 9.0. Lotus Notes was renamed to IBM Notes. This is going to make navigating IBM Fix Central interesting.

Symphony is no longer a real product. At least I think. I'm confused over where this leaves users of it.

Passport Advantage is still one of the worst customer facing download sites I have ever used. IBM need to take a look at Microsoft's Volume Licensing site. Truly a wonderful site to use and download software from. Vmware is starting to get bad too.

RIM are still around! Everything will work out for them when they release BlackBerry X, I mean BlackBerry 10. Or more likely not. There is good news, the two pilots that flew this jumbo jet into the ground are gone. But that's the only good news.

To ensure RIM would have plenty of BlackBerry 10 devices at launch they decided to not participate in the Christmas device rush.

MS are using celebs to shift their new phones. Normally this would have no effect on me. But they used Jessica Alba. Touche.

I still have my iPhone 4 (non-s). It'll be replaced with an iPhone 5 sometime in 2013.

I have an iPad 3 now too. I like it lot. Except reading in bed. Fall asleep with it above you head and "iPad" becomes English for "Guillotine".

Someone told me they like the iPad Mini as it fits in their pocket. Are you wearing clown pants? Really? An iPAQ is small too.....

IBM bought Kenexa and dropped it into ICS. It's a "talent management" software application. I don't think that means strippers or prostitutes but if it does IBM deserve kudos for thinking outside the box......imagine the services revenue!

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1 - Craig Wiseman    12/18/2012 3:15:13 PM

Nice list.

Re: Quickr I really want to see how many fixpacks can be released for a product.

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2 - Jim Grant       01/07/2013 9:38:55 AM

especially the IE stuff