Over the past few months almost every Lenovo PC I've staged fails Windows 7 Updates with a "Reverting Updates" and proceeds to reboot several times and none of the updates get installed. I tweeted the solution I found a while back here but I find myself looking for the exact Windows update giving the issue and sometimes Twitter is difficult to get too.....hence the blog, so I can kind it easier, and also this is slide time for Connect 2013 so I find myself doing *anything* but writing slides.....may be tomorrow I should get on to that...

Anyway at first I thought this was limited to Lenovo PC's (mainly as that is all I deal with), but this morning while staging a Panasonic Toughbook I had the same issue.

So the fix? Simple really, just deselect KB2647753 install *all* the other updates at once, then when no updates remain, install 7753 by itself. Issue fixed.

Oh, and and so far this seems to affects both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 machines.
Darren Duke   |   December 26 2012 09:16:23 AM   |    misc    |  
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1 - Steve Breitenbach       01/15/2013 6:12:48 PM


Thanks for this post. I've got 40 Lenovo laptops coming tomorrow or Thursday, and remembered that you had mentioned this on Twitter. I've had issues in the past with the few Win7 machines we've got and WindowsUpdate not installing, or even downloading the updates. I'll keep an eye out for this specific update and do what you suggested.