That's right the This Week In Lotus circus is traveling to Milwaukee, WI to record the now infamous live shows we've done occasionally. When we do these we usually kidnap some people mere minutes before for the panel. If you have a burning desire to be famous simple tell Lisa or I you want to be on....or you may just get press ganged into it. Or if you really want to see someone on the live show (who is at MWLUG obviously) let us know too. We could maybe target them :)

The show is scheduled for Thursday during lunch (room name pending) so come along and see what goes on behind the scenes (except this time I'll not be recording in my underwear).

If that wasn't sufficient to fill your appetite for "Dukeness" then I will also be presenting  VMware on Domino on Thursday afternoon  in Brookfield 1. Additionally Lisa will be holding a Q&A session on Social Business right after the opening session and as Lisa strives to out perform me she's also hosting "Lotus Jeopardy" during Friday lunch ;)

Hot off the presses Lisa has also informed me she'll be co-presenting with Carlos Casas on "Lotus Live and Social Business" at 9am on Friday morning.

So there you have it, if nothing else come along to This Week In Lotus live as it always better with a big crowd.

Final score: Darren Duke 2 - 4 Lisa Duke. Doh!
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1 - David Schaffer    08/24/2011 1:02:18 PM

Sorry I won't be there to join in the fun.

I have several instances of Domino running on VMWare, but would be interested to see VMWare running on Domino!