I mentioned on This Week In Lotus podcast last week that I would test Ubuntu 10.04 with the 8.5.2 gold client. I have good news....it works out of the gate, with no need to hack symbolic links or anything else. Even check boxes seem to show up OK!

There is a dependency that needs to be satisfied, just run this from the terminal to pick them up:

sudo aptitude install libgnomeprint2.2-0 libgnomeprintui2.2-0

but once those two UI packages are installed (either pre or post Notes install) all will be good in the world.

Also if you want to get DownloadDirector (a java applet) to work in Ubuntu take a look at this post over on Ubuntu Geek (but change the double quotes to single quotes!).
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1 - Victor Toal       09/02/2010 12:06:38 PM

I have been running 852 since last week on Ubuntu 10.04 as well - I actually simply downloaded the Notes client for LotusLive last week (before they fixed their download Fiasko on PartnerWorld) and that actually did not ask for the libgnomeprint2.2-0 libgnomeprintui2.2-0 packages - I will have to check tonight if I might have already downloaded them somehow previously ....

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2 - Anthony Miller       09/02/2010 3:40:17 PM

Do you run 64 bit Ubuntu?

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3 - Darren Duke    http://blog.darrenduke.net    09/03/2010 4:05:20 PM

I don't as it runs on my Lenovo S10e Netbook, however I see no reason why 8.5.2 would not install on 64 bit Ubuntu with the force-architecture switch.

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4 - Lucas McCuistian    http://www.giwindustries.com    03/18/2011 9:43:00 PM

First let me point out, I told you I read your blog sometimes.

I almost got excited here, but I'm glad I didn't. I just download and tried to install 8.5.2 on Ubuntu 10.10, but to no avail. It looked like it installed but, it didn't create me a shortcut in the Application menu, well not for the actual Application at least, then when I try to run it from command line I receive:

/opt/ibm/lotus/notes$ ./notes

JVMJ9VM039I -Xscmx is ignored if -Xshareclasses is not specified

JVMJ9VM067W -Xshareclasses not enabled, -Xzero:sharezip option ignored

Am I running the wrong file?

To put it in terms you are more used to hearing....HELP!

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5 - Lucas McCuistian    http://www.giwindustries.com    03/18/2011 10:21:15 PM

I think I got it. I found another tutorial online that was more geared to ubuntu 10.10, which you wouldn't think would be that different, and I went through it and got it to work. It didn't use the .sh file to install though.

Once it was installed I got an error stating it couldn't access the data directory, and with a little research I realized it had my notes.ini file, located in my home directory, locked. A quick chown command seems to have fixed that.

Just thought you would like an update.

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6 - Mats Ekman       08/01/2013 4:42:48 PM

Just installed Notes 9 on Ubuntu 64 without problems.

Maybe upgrading to this version will solve all problems that I have read about the 8.5.x client.

{ http://wp.me/p1CuQM-hQ }

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