September 1 2010 Wednesday

Update on the Domino 8.5.2 SMTP "issue"

For those that are waiting on the hotfix, it should have popped out from IBM today. My customer with the AIX 64 server got the ftp site email today. In their case I believe they are just going to leave the 8.5.1 SMTP server in the way for the time being and install the fix when it is rolled into Domino 8.5.2 FP1.

For those that didn't see Dan Adams' from IBM comment on my original work around post, the fix should be posted to Fix Central on September 8th. My guess is a PMR will get you it before then. Any way here is Dan's comment:

This issue is not platform specific and has been reproduced in house with a message that has caused the issue. If you are running into this issue please contact Support regarding this issue.

IBM has a test fix available that is undergoing testing.

Based on successful test results, the target for a public Fix Central fix posting is September 8, 2010.

This fix will also be incorporated into 8.5.2 Fix Pack 1 in Q4.

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1 - Theo Heselmans    10/01/2010 5:25:13 AM

I just can’t seem to install this fix.

I stopped my Domino 852 correctly (even booted my Win server 2008 R2 w64, with Domino on manual).

When trying to install, the fix pack says that Domino or something related is still running. I have no idea what that could be. Anyone having this issue?

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2 - Theo Heselmans    10/04/2010 9:18:55 AM

I solved the issue (thanks to Ulrich Krause), and just wanted to mention this, in case someone else has the same problem:

Select 'Run as Administrator' when running the hotfix, and all goes smoothly.

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3 - John Willemse    10/13/2010 4:56:04 AM

Did the hotfix and updated the OS but still SMTP problem 99% CPU #852HF17 Release 8.5.2HF17 for UNIX. Any hints ?

Running on ESXi Servers with correct VMware tools. Linux Distro CentOS 5.5

Thanks John