So the past weekend was a long holiday weekend for some. Pah, holidays are for wusses ;)

Some of you may recall, that last June we did a contract job which was STS's largest DAOS implementation yet. As was mentioned in the post, the original server was the unused fail-over cluster mate. Well, as we had a long weekend this was the weekend to upgrade the production server to 8.5.

Before the upgrade (again this server is Windows 2003, 32 bit with 7.0.3, Domino data on a SAN), the remaining disk space available was a meager 60 GB. A single "large" email to a few dozen people could have had adverse affects for the entire server. Such are the woes of pre-DAOS Domino mail servers.

650GB mail

 Mail folder = 54.9 GB
DAOS Folder = 168 GB
Total = 222.9 GB

Needless to say, the server no longer has 60 GB of free space available. Thanks to DAOS the server now has an addition 427 GB free. I think it will be a long time until we have space issues on these two servers again.

To put the entire contracted job into perspective, DAOS freed up a total of 806 GB on storage over the entire cluster. If you are still on the fence about 8.5 and DAOS, get off it, find along weekend, and upgrade. If you have a platform that has reasonably expensive disk (SAN, AIX, AS400, etc) then you really need to get on this bandwagon and "Do more with less".

If these numbers are not a sufficient reason to upgrade to 8.5, check out my ATLUG 8.5 presentation for further, mouth watering, 8.5 goodness.  

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