We just ran into this strange error moving from 6.5 to 8.5.2:

You Must Supply the Bulk Decryption Key in Order to Extract This File Object

Off to Google we skipped, merrily searching our phrase. we come to IBM document PK82022 which stipulates in no uncertain terms that it will not be fixed:

Image:When IBM is not going to fix a problem they let you know - "This problem was resolved as: No Plans to Fix Ever"

Yes, I know this is an R6.5 TN but we're seeing this issue in 8.5 and I thought the wording was funny.
Darren Duke   |   April 30 2011 03:30:39 PM   |    ibm    |  
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1 - Erik Brooks       04/30/2011 6:16:17 PM

There have been a couple of these that we've run into listed as "No Plans to Fix Ever" in N/D 6/6.5/7 but they immediately got resolved when we opened tickets against them for 8.5.x.

I'm fairly certain that a bunch of these "No Plans to Fix Ever" problems were pushed to that state during the Workplace Dark Years.

If it's important you could open an SPR, it might get fixed now.

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2 - Henning Heinz       05/01/2011 5:42:35 AM

My current favorit is:

The problem will be fixed in a future release if there is one.

Sometimes I really wish IBM would be a smaller company.

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3 - Chad Scott       05/01/2011 1:07:38 PM

I'm not a fan of the wording myself, but I can tell you that plans change, generally because of PMRs, which add weight to the SPR.

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4 - Simon O’Doherty       06/29/2011 10:31:07 AM

Coming late to this post but I can probably explain both messages, as they come up in support calls.

"No plans to fix ever" - This is not exactly what it says on the tin.

What this means is that the SPR at its current status will not be fixed. It does not mean that the status cannot change. For example if a large number of customers report the issue the status can change (and has done).

Some SPRs may also fall under an enhancement request and would close as this, but be fixed in a later release.

As for "The problem will be fixed in a future release if there is one." This is generated by the APAR (customer report) system. It is a generic message for all products. It means that the SPR is open for development to investigate/work on. It is planned to be fixed in a later release, but the system can't say when.

The message itself has nothing to do with any future plans to discontinue products.