The year started out with the release of Domino 8.5 in January. DAOS, ID Vault and yummy looking Xpages. I figured after that it would be all downhill from there....was I wrong!
After 8.5 came:
  • Connections 2.5
  • Quickr 8.2
  • Domino 8.5.1
  • Sametime 8.5
  • Free Domino Designer
  • LotusLive

Lotusphere 2009 was attended. It was cold. But that conductor dude, well, he was almost as hot good as the violinist. And I can now sing in German. I'm pretty sure Lisa is sick of my shower singing by now......*fredung, tredung, flay-de-de-de, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah-dy, blah....*

There was, and still is, a recession. Banker always has rhymed with wan.....well, you know.

Lotus Knows was launched. Lucky too, as not many knew Lotus. They have also found a (real) use for Twitter, with that spinny globe thing. Maybe this is be the much vaunted Lotus Websphere Twitter Spinny Globe Integrator I've been hearing about......

Lotus Knows IdeaJam was a huge success. Lots of ideas. Didn't see any about jam. I guess there are not too many people thinking about jam. *Damn, now I want some Jammy Dodgers*

OpenNTF was open, then not so open, then somewhat open, then fully open (kind of). People came, people went. There are a lot more words on the site now. I guess that is better.

With all the travel this year doing 8.5 upgrades, I finally figured out that DAOS means "Darren Absent, On-Site"

More blog postings from Bruce Elgort, Steve Castledine and Niklas Heidloff than three normal people would ever be able to handle! And they were all good! *shakes head*

LoLA was attended. It was warm. Met with some dude named Bob. Bob claimed he "ran" Lotus. Has he heard of Ed Brill? He has a blog so *he* must run Lotus. Well read it is too. Or so they tell me. *shakes head*  

The intern arrived. She shocked us. She can keep 28 different conversations going, with 28 different UI's and devices, and still remember which guy she is talking to. Glad I don't have to date anymore. My carpel tunnel couldn't take it. From typing. Get your mind out of the gutter.

IBM rebranded Blue House into LotusLive. SametimeUnyte was rebranded into LotusLive. iNotes LotusLive was not actually iNotes. *Is "Live" the next "Jam"?*

I became a US citizen. It is so expensive that next time I'm swimming the Rio Grand. *No Gitmo for me!*

Someone told me Wikipedia is not always correct. *Earth shakes, God grumbles*

Ed Brill didn't even have to lift a keyboard finger to protect the virtue of our favorite maiden, such is the power of the yellow submarine! Much discord about the writer too. *note to self, must check facts*

I'm pretty sure Chris Toohey is trying to be the new Bruce Elgort. He is posting way more than a single person can. And with apps and examples. When do these people sleep?

Notes In Nine was released. I figured this was a German screen cast series, but was proved wrong. David Leedy opened a can of whoop-ass on the world that many have ripped off (yours truly included).

Elguji released at least one *.jam product every week. Those guys must be rolling in it. Jam, that is. *ummm, Jammy Dodgers, I did already mention them?*

I have more podcasts to listen to than there are hours in the day. I guess I need another intern to crib-note them for me. I *have to look* like I listen to then all for LS10. It would be bad form not to.

Stuart McIntyre was cited by ICANN for breaking their system. A single person or entity can only register 500,000 domain names. Go on, count them, you'll see their point.

Lotus "simplified" the Lotus Notes licensing model. Based on the confusion, they may wish to "complicate" it next time.

Google invented everything worth advertising on. They are in talks to remove missing kids from milk cartons in order to add Google-graphic, real-time, milk oriented ads. These will further advertise the coffee/tea/cereal that you are the pouring milk on. *Do no evil indeed*

Less "twits" and more useful people are now using Twitter for "tons" of suitable uses (or so they tell me).

Did a Domino PoT in TN in which Ben's iPhone almost got us mugged looking for Mexican food. I'll not carry an iPhone, but next time maybe a gun. *Note to Apple, iGun is mine, keep off it! On second thoughts how can you reload a gun with no discernible parts for you to remove and that is sealed from all human interaction? Via a 3.5mm head phone socket? I guess every time I need to reload I would send it back to Apple with $75 and some ammo*

Tips In Two was launched. In hindsight, we should have called it Tip-Jam. *shakes head*

My SnT session was accepted for LS10.

My SnT session for LS10 was blessed by Mooney and it was submitted. With 8 hours to spare. I was about to move to Hawaii so I could get some more time.  Or do the Superman, spin the world back in time thing.

Keeping my statuses updated in so many social networking sites is like painting the Forth Road Bridge, by the time I finish updating it is time to start updating again.

There are some real, practical uses for the side bar in Notes. Who knew?

And there are still 2 weeks left in 2009, what else can happen?

Questions to be answered in 2010.....
  1. Were Ed Brill, Bruce Elgort and Matt White separated at birth?
  2. Who is this "Bob" dude?
  3. Whatever happened to "Workplace". Is that what Connections really is?
  4. Two Quickr's enter, how many will leave (in 2010)?
  5. Will England or the USA win?
  6. Will anyone turn up to my LS10 session (Ernie and Lisa notwithstanding)
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1 - Keith Brooks    12/22/2009 11:20:13 AM

Well done Darren.

But you have now doomed Paul to tons of submissions next year :-P

And love the ICANN line.

You didn't mention Foundations, I am shocked!

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2 - Stuart McIntyre    12/23/2009 6:15:23 AM

That was hilarious, thank you Darren!

See you in Orlando ;-)

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3 - Darren Duke    12/23/2009 7:01:54 AM

Thanks guys. I did miss some things off, some on purpose, some not. Added to the list of new releases should have been Lotus Protector 2.5 and Lotus Foundations Branch.