Not new as I forgot to post this back in mid June (and because no one is really running BES 5 yet)....

Anyway, if you are running BES 5.0, go get it over at the RIM support site.

Fixes are contained in the release notes.

As usual, once you upgrade to another MR, remember to turn down the insane logging levels. If you never looked at the BB Config Applet in BES 5.0, there are a lot of new things in there, but logging is still called logging:

Image:BES 5.0.0 MR 1 released and available
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1 - Steve       08/03/2009 9:47:52 AM

Hi, Has anyone installed this MR1 on server 2008? The installation package doesn't run even with its suggested workaround.

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2 - Dave Bailey       08/04/2009 9:02:55 PM

Our NA Admin resigned [and moved to Nashville] last month. The last three days he was here, he built the BES V5 architecture and setup the Enterprise Transporter [how cool is that name] on a workstation. We started the migration of just under 400 consumers and as of today - we are down to <150 left to bring over. It's been very smooth so far and we hope to be done by the end of August. Then we plan the same for our UK and FR locations.

I'll hold off on this patch until the dust has settled and we've retired the old BES server. Maybe even hold of until we build out a European site, migrate a few IT users, then apply this patch to make sure it's smooth...

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3 - Steve       08/07/2009 9:39:47 AM

Installed the patch but still doesn't do AD authentication.

David, have you managed to log in to the administrator service web page using windows AD logins?

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4 - Dave Bailey       08/19/2009 8:34:27 PM

@Steve. We use the Domino login, or the BES login, Since our Domino Directory is bigger than our AD, we use that as much as possible for all things web-ldap enabled.