Manfred Dillmann pointed out that Domino 8.5 IF 4 is available. I went and checked it out and it includes all three prior IFs plus an update for Java applet expiration issue due to hit next Monday:


The certificate for some Java applets in Lotus Domino 6.5.x, Domino 7.0.x, Domino 8.0.x, and Domino 8.5 expired on May 18, 2009. For more details on this issue, refer to Technote #1381298

If you are an iSeries Domino shop, be sure to read the "For IBM i servers" section in technote 1385261.

I would suggest this is a required update. Get it from IBM Fix Central. Further details of IF4 is available in technote 1385261.

If you need further clarification on IF vs MR then check out this previous blog post.

Further details on the Java applet issue is available in technote 1381298 .
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