The powers that be at STS (I know, shocker, that isn't me) have requested I inform fellow yellow submariners about events we are either hosting, or are somehow involved in that are coming up over the next few months.

We have the following all simmering in the STS pot of event goodness right now:

LCTYs in Atlanta, Nashville TN, Jackson MS and Greenville SC.

Lotus Connections PoT in Greenville, SC (you really need to see the Connections BlackBerry client. I will have it there with me).

For the next CHUG (still the best LUG name ever) in Chattanooga, TN we have the always  implacably dressed Bill Malchinsky, knower of all things Linux and how it pertains to the ever expanding yellow submarine corps. Recommendations for desktop and server alike, Bill is the guy. (and he dresses better than the penguin)

For the next ATLUG in Atlanta we have the procured the services of one of the Bruce Elgort clones (there has got to be more than one of him, right?) . If you haven't heard of him, you really need to be there. If you have heard of him, you really need to be there.

Further details, including dates. times and registration details can be found at

For the record, anyone that thinks Lotus is dead, well you're an idiot. The last ATLUG we had over 70 attendees. More than Google and Cloud Humpers Sherpas ever get.
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