Over the last few months, every night without fail my trusty Lenovo Thinkpad T500 laptop would lose network connectivity. If it remained running over night, then the next morning nothing would connect. Not Notes, not TweetDeck, not Sametime, nada.

The only error I got was the following that Lotus Notes displayed:
"The TCP/IP protocol stack reported that it ran out of memory. Consult your network documentation to increase configured memory, or reduce Notes connections by limiting clients (see SERVER_MAXSESSIONS parameter in Notes Admin Guide)."

All signs point to Notes. Except that is not the issue. In a rare circumstance Notes is taking the fall for something it did not do. There are more than a few jokes here about crappy Notes errors with no information, and the one time I do get some useful text in a Notes generated error message it misleads me, but we'll skip all those.....

Anyway, I figured after a while it was laptop related as no one else was having the issue. I know this because no one else at STS Galactic HQ told me. If they had the error, I would know. Real fast ;)

Nothing on Notes.Net, nothing on Experts Exchange. So I did some more digging, Lenovo Thinkvantage System Update told me all my drivers we up to date. Still the nightly loss of network connectivity. So I went driver searching and sure enough Intel had released a new driver for the NIC built in to my T500. I installed that yesterday and no loss of connectivity over night. Yeah!

Moral of the story, if it sniffs like a network problem, it probably is a network problem. Even if Notes indicates a notes.ini parameter otherwise.
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1 - Eric Mack    http://www.ica.com    12/21/2009 7:34:35 PM

I'll give the net driver a try. thanks for the tip.

See you in a few weeks!