Continuing the recent theme of Linux related posts here is a work around to installing and configuring Lotus Notes 8.0.2 on a CentOS Linux workstation with Firefox 3 installed.

As it stands today, Notes does not like the XULRunner 1.9 framework that automatically gets installed when you run "yum update" via a Firefox 3 dependency. Notes will install but will always crash with that lovely JVM error screen (really, someone though that was a good idea?).

Anyway to get around this do the following:
1.        Log in as root
2.        Do a "yum remove xulrunner". This will also uninstall firefox.
3.        Do a "yum install compat-libstdc++-33" to install any needed compat libs
4.        Install Lotus Notes
5.        Log out as root
6.        Log in as a "normal user"
7.        Configure Notes
8.        Try to launch Notes once configured, it should start up OK now
9.        Close Notes
10.        Open a console and log in switch user to root ("su -")
11.        Do a "yum install firefox"
12.        Try Notes once Firefox is installed, you should now be in CentOS/Notes/Firefox nirvana.
Darren Duke   |   January 4 2009 12:37:38 PM   |    lotus notes  linux    |  
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1 - Sean Cull    01/05/2009 2:14:16 AM

hi Darren,

thanks for this, I am hoping to install the new Notes8.5 on CentOS so this could be really useful